Cara Coffey’s Definition of Poetry for Herself

Thus far, what I consider poetry is any of my allegory from times past, Rune Stone work of interpretation, actual poems I have written and continue to write, and stories I tell in writing from my past or in the future on either of my website blogs. Stories can be woven into commentary in the case of my second blog where I will not put any of my older writing from my three volumes of testimony that were published.

If anyone has any questions, please email me at Tara Ann Moons is a pseudonym, nothing more and nothing less. I refuse to define Tara anymore. All that it gets me is very real persecution anymore to try to explain that name given to me in a dream. I am tired. You would be too if you’d just lived the last 11 years exactly three months after your tenth kid popped out from 12 pregnancies.

If you want to argue, do it my way. When I’m done with other people’s issues, I’ve been known to grab eggs and pelt them at trees. They are cheap, that is fertilizer, and I’m not hurting anyone or anything. I have people in my life watch me walk out and take a bag of trash to the road cussing all the way. I’ve walked a discreet distance behind children on our street who needed to walk it off. I’ve told them I will go to the YMCA or somewhere else if everyone is tripping everyone else verbally and I need a moment.

Do you not have your escapes? Bully for you. But stop trying to make me look like somebody who is not normal in this day and age. NOT NORMAL is Donald Trump in the White House. NOT NORMAL is a man with an automatic weapon strapped to his back going into Walmart.

NOT NORMAL is this commentary article right here (last item linked) because oh my goodness look at what they are having to quietly do in churches. NOT NORMAL is Republicans assuring us it is better to arm teachers, janitors, and principles in schools instead of Gun Control bills that the House of Representatives have placed on Mitch McConnell’s desk while he calls himself a Grim Reaper which is hilarious and while he also sets up pretend graveyards somewhere or other. Then there is his shattered shoulder. Maybe he should call one of my chiropractors from my past named Edward. Yeah, that might be a good idea, Mitch.

In the meantime did you know I use Miracle Balls and I stopped chiro care for my scoliosis? It was not working very well and insurance doesn’t pay very well. Yeah Mitch ain’t for #MedicareForAll either.

But Bernie Sanders is for #MedicareForAll. Several Representative Women of Color other than White are for Bernie Sanders and #MedicareForAll. And by the way, I just read on Twitter today that Bernie Sanders reached 4 million donations, the most of any candidate ever:

Bernie Sanders reaches 4 million donations, thanks in part to automatic monthly giving from the Washington Post

Now back to NOT NORMAL in commentary from me, Cara Coffey:

 #starting2020 on Twitter from

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