2020, I Love YOU

People have not accepted me. I have therefore, on blogs, deleted all that work surrounding what the ideologies of said people did to me to be saying that and doing this blog assessment and re-tooling.

I identify with Jesus Christ the King of kings there, but I wasn’t born of a virgin. He was. He didn’t make it to 53 years. I did. He didn’t have 10 beautiful children with one man. I did.

There are no thoughts in the Bible about this situation in my life unless I can tell you that I thought them, used them to help me get out of the civil war which renders this blog article, and then moved on forgiving those who did this to me and  forgiving myself for having given them the privilege of rejecting me. That concept may be cynical to you. Question. Are you female? Have you had ten or more children?

Yeah because here is the deal: get us in the room, that group, and we will not have any issues with each other. But we will cry a lot because we get hurt and particularly if we are what large family mothers are: unemployed. We usually invest our whole lives into being that which we are, mothers. I did that. I have regret in my life from about 2014 through 2019 because I did that. Nonetheless, I still obey some wisdom from the New Testament of the Bible even if everybody is misusing the good book in this day and age, including myself sometimes.

Rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing, and in everything give thanks for this is the will of God for me in Christ Jesus.

That is what I’m doing today. As to this website blog, there will be no more commentary or testimony from me here. There will be poetry. There will be life lessons I’m learning from media and from nature. It is that simple now; thank GOD. Book review? Yes, there will be book review but not of that which will get me back to the place where I’m having to delete blogs and my work because somebody else said shit and I have to make sure I’m loving them too just the way they are demanding me to love them.

Do you know what control is America? Many of you do. I do. Most of you who pay your bills and don’t care about others have no idea what I’m talking about and don’t care enough about other people to bother about a stupid woman who actually of her own free will birthed ten children from her vagina in this day and age.

My commentary is going on another blog I am going to develop slowly. The blog articles from this main blog, if appropriate, will be linked upon pages already set up there. I will have the same pages here to keep the articles well organized.

Cara Beaty

I am Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey. All my records in our lives here are stating my name as Cara Coffey. I reserve the right to change my name back to Cara Beaty if the gossip and etc. do not pipe down. There were serious lies and miscommunications happening around me for 11 years. I am acting as responsibly those 11 years as possible. I expect people around me to do the same. And if not, I will simply move on with my original name later.

I’m giving it three years. I am in mourning. Both of my parents died from 2016 through 2019. I need three years to process that, stop the cycles of stress which happened as we assisted my parents with their death journeys, and forgive the people who misrepresented my life for 11 years. Humans never own their shit. Prove me wrong, Bitch America. I dare you. I’m not that sort of Human but lemme say I know a ton of them and that is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

Hallelujah. My GOD REIGNS. #Witness


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