Being a Universal Author

It is the greatest privilege, and the most holy provision on the Earth, to be called up from Her Seed and Womb (for is not the hellish heat of the core the Heart of GOD upon Earth….) to be an author.

So many of you are passing away. That is not Me. And i can tell when another One passes the Time of spree. We write, whether fiction or non, so that the family of Earth, Wind, Fire and Ice will always respond.

I would suggest; as time comes and goes….that We help them understand we are not their foes. And poking at Us like drawing in the Sand; only gets them more time to misunderstand.

I love being an author. Give at least some of it away, my Loves. That is my admonition to the REal People today.

Alone by Alan Walker

Radiohead – Present Tense: Jonny, Thom & a CR78

Many of some people will not understand the gorgeous power of this video above. They took the time to get to a forest; to be alone; and to discover the depths of their own emotions without the business of our world system screaming; instead, they used the electronics to say it simply. The emotions on the singing man’s face are pure gold, pure gold.

This love is not in vain, what we are growing from the Earth Core; this much I know regardless of the pain fall around me right now.

I need poetry; it is a beautiful day on my property; and so I will be going outside this morning.

But I can pull it (a time of Earth, Wind, and Fire below literally) as likely can they at a coffee shop with a bunch of various peeps around me. It’s fine. I’m home now.

Literally, the bedroom where I birthed Lydia and Eara, the one where I got up and traveled into my living room to birth Alva Richard… is now Revelation 8:1 in #Allegory. Silence; silence I say in the Courts of Hell and Heaven.

What a relief. I am home. #Allegory What is more, I don’t have to yell my story anymore. Come and join me on the Internet, or not. Don’t come to Austin if you aren’t called here.


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