Vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, Please Part 3

U2’s Songs of Innocence, Part 2

7:44 PMCE @DarkPrinceLucy retweeted this from @JeremyCorbyn’s Twitter page today. By the Way, I have #TribeJudahJeremy in my midst in the United States. He’s a little brother of mine in some manners of speaking.

If I wasn’t very, very done with the obvious plots used upon/against me for years to prevent what now is obvious reality (I am beyond relieved, really there are no words to explain #heavenonearth), I would hunt up a head-banging GIF.

Vote for the party in England that is doing this to you and you are okie dokie with control mechanisms placed upon the masses to control you for sinister purposes. But the point is VOTE.

And maybe let some random Dudette who is still furious Texas is a Red Republican State have an opinion about WHO you should actually vote for.

Don’t be offended. Coffeys-I kid you not-are a very high percentage of English Blood.

That being said, you don’t want my honesty spiritually here but it has been a common joke to watch Cara around the knives. Dad started it. We possibly have some Comanche blood in us as Davis-Beaty.

I’m the mother who LAST NIGHT I KID YOU NOT had to explain to children that I’d rather have Elizabeth Warren in the White House right now vs. the orange tang that is actually there making under-the-table deals with British PMs. And Theresa May was involved as is Boris Johnson.

I said, What would you rather have, a woman who sold a stupid cookbook or a man who hired a porn star to bang as his third wife bore a child and recuperated from the process? The child is in a very real prison.

Then there was the discussion about Gay and Straight Pride Parades. That is going to be part four and you will be hearing some very real perspective from Lydia and her Mother. Edward agreed. That’s at my dining table. We were eating chili nachos.

All this being said, my children could see the point in America how morality of character in the actual, physical body sitting his/her butt in those chairs there should be a part of the discussion inn America about voting moral people into the Federal Government positions.

Yeah and Barak Obama is now taking some heat as he should be. He tried to cut Social Security. Immigrant kids in cages was a thing in his presidency as well. Obama smokes. Michelle would not have married a man banging porn starts. I miss the Obamas. Smoking (weed) shouldn’t be illegal like crack.


Corbyn is exactly like Bernie Sanders. #GoTeam.

Oh my, remember peeps, this is normal.

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