U2’s Songs of Innocence, Part 2

Diamond ThroneRoom Floir 1

Bob the Builder and Robert the Physician tell Me the Truth. Any questions America?

My Bright Fame is a damn sight more golden than yours, America. Have a nice death. I’m going to do that too with U2. I love this CD and it was the one that broke me loose from Christian Religion. It was featured free on my iPhone after an update is all I remember. Live the cover.

Dad is Cancer. He died righteously, I birthed a child righteously in my birthday 23 years after I was born, and my mother betrayed me.

Sound familiar? No? Go read the Gospels. My Daddy in Spirit told His Daughter, Take care of your mother.”

I said Yes Sir, went into literal to my Davis Beaty Soul into enemy territory, and took my mama home. Found the disinheritance spontaneously. Suffered and am suffering consequences from lies of deceit spun like a web around my Spirit. Yeah I’ve got coloring for that too, Bitch:

That’s the problem with MotherFucking America: you can’t interpret Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey’s work.

Happy Holidays to U2. 😂

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