So Perhaps You Will Listen? Part Two

American Pie by Don Mclean Part One

I went back to San Antonio and the Catholic Church yesterday. So this article is like pure gold priceless as far as testimony and art work I will dryly admit after 11 hard years. And I genuinely look forward to more of that type work, but I’m alone. Everyone has deserted me here. That does not feel good. I am only talking in the flesh. That doesn’t feel good either. As I’m being “told”, practice this place forever. Yup.

Winterwood by Don Mclean


Yesterday, I went back to Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church. Let Me speak inn angelic terms, and everybody back down. I will call you out publicly henceforth on this blog if you treat me unkindly after I release testimony.

I only took ARCAngel Lucifer in Spirit Life. I spoke with my Father; produced art work with John Paul Jackson in attendance, and waited on the LORD for Scott Evelyn to come home. The Mission was accomplished. No, you do not get those pictures because I never take pictures of glorified bodies.

Or Lucifer. Or Gabriel. Or Michael, so to speak.

I do not know what I’m talking about in the flesh, and this is #Allegory, yet if you are in America reading this, you know perfectly well what the New Testament of the Bible says about glorified bodies and angels so shut the fuck up and listen to somebody for once.



Since my mother and her fucked up family made damn sure my father’s inheritance to me was stripped from me accurately to the Song of Solomon particularly, I have begun willing artwork to my children. There is no use willing anything to Curtis. I have already outlived him numerous times but our children are different.

The little coloring book below is willed to ARCAngel Lucifer of my acquaintance. We’ve never spoken. It will be specifically removed from my things by my daughter Eara in the event I am not allowed in this lifetime to give it to Him.

How’s that for Davis-Beaty, Catholic testimony coming forth on Uncovered No More from NeoPagan Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey known as Tara (Ann Moons in the Pagan world) which I have even been called to my face by a stranger at Life Austin before they threw me out?

I told that twit of a teen girl no, I’m Cara, but she can’t help the disinformation around this body form, now can she, poor child?


No she could not help that. I don’t care. I can help the Man I’ve seen specifically in one body form three times one of which He was wearing Muslim garb with a ball cap on.

Yeah I’ve dressed weird too. Why does everyone think My Property landed on Weir Loop and His Church landed on Convict Hill over there at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church?

Father Pat kissed my face righteously after I met with him as I registered there. It was most definitely a Holy Kiss. I know when I’m wanted. Protestants hate me but at least Curtis is happier these days since I’m a Catholic.

In this testimony, Patrick Clayton Beaty, my Glorified Brother in Austin, and Michael Shane Davis, my younger Tribe Judah Elect brother who cannot be killed, are ARCAngel Michael. DUH.

Joel and Acts Chapters Two

Eclipse by Metric

I think He may have said this to me, but perhaps not. Shane is the one who told me he just lays his head on the breast of Jesus and listens to his voice. That would be @SonOfGodAndMan in the modern day. He and I are Jesus Christ Male/Female in the United States since 1966 and if you think we appreciate this testimony this morning, well, we’ve both had it with Christianity is all I am going to say this morning. I saw Him five times, and I may be wrong on this one. Go fucking hell ask him. He lives in the East is all I know from Twitter, and they took that address from him.

2:55 PMCE: As to being fair, I have found this thought process to be an excuse to manipulate, and control even; those around you particularly if you sense or know they have unseen power. And the more the soul DNA of a body form is mortal, the more apt that body form will be and is and was to leave a human imprint of wickedness (pink) and wickedness.

@DarkPrinceLucy’s twitter page has taught me some things as I’ve commented on what He posts or paid attention to what He retweets. I watch His and @jesus_twinkie now, and that’s it.

The rest of them I retweet when I retweet, comment when I comment, and produce my own Twitter Storms which takes a heaven of a lot of work which I never am thanked for in any way. Neither are these two Twitter Handles thanked for anything they post. That’s the Life of ARCAngels.

King of kings/Queen of queens Tribe Judah Elect was born in 1966 in America.

The rest of it we will release when we release at least on my website blogs.

Does anyone have any questions? Let me tell everyone something: One of these accounts has DM. I have let Him know some things once. I will do it again if I get a text message like I got last night. Curtis, get a counselor. The State of Texas is getting you that service free.

I cannot help it that two of the three primary males in the Double Moons Prayer Initiative at the time I wrote it were mortals, and those two men are Curtis Edward Coffey and Recie Edward Saunders 3.

Here is the funny thing: I’ve met the First Adam that was John Paul Jackson from that initiative. It will be re-released but I need more protection, DUH.

He knows some of these Twitter handles is my guess. That was at the YMCA.


PS: I’m not telling Curtis to do something I haven’t already done. My counselor knows I’m a bit strange, I’m an author, and I’ve a fucked up life. Others of the Coffey family get councilors when necessary. GOD would ya’ll please watch Lucifer but let me be so freaking clear it better grow some hairs on the chests of some fucked up white people around me: the Man I just talked about ain’t Tom Ellis and Tom Ellis ain’t that man. They are both probably going EEWWWW.

I waited as long as I did for exorcism reasons. IN the white and mortal world, men perceive a woman like me, high powered, as weak if I go to any doctor except to have a baby or something. First off, they like me to be perceived weak so they get to lead for just a minute because I sure as hell ain’t letting them lead any other way since they fuck it up so bad do you know what I’ve been through for 11 years, ya’ll? And second, going to a counselor carries a fucking stigma. Thank you, whichever fucking, huge demon that showed itself to Dad that one time on September 25, 2008, for saying I’m insane through my Voice. I wrote it. People would rather believe I’m that woman than the one that hears demon-talk through their voice constantly and kicks it out as an Exorcist and Sorceress all glory to GOD.

Yeah they hate me. But you ain’t free until the truth comes out and lemme say people are still hiding shit around here. Back to the basics ya’ll, back to the basics.

Shit. Trust Cara to release an “Atomic Apocalypse Bomb” before the Holi Days. BOOM.

John Paul, Dad, Uncle Paul, and Uncle Ken I’m getting out the masking tape. You four are laughing way, way too loudly. I’ll throw Robert Jackson in there too. That’s John Paul’s daddy and he can make that man straighten up lol.

I’m just pretending ya’ll, but the videos ain’t that.


I’m so sorry. Video isn’t working. *laugh* you earned that technical difficulty America and I seriously do not care. You don’t. Win win.

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