Jackson, MS And Cara Ann Beaty, in Austin, TX 7

And Then @TheTweetOfGod 6

We are at Whole Foods

He is on the floor, crying, finally.

It has been 7,000 years.

The other brother was there

Because the second time was different.

He walked up to me and I

took his hand and kissed it.

Then the full weight ended up

on my shoulder as the sobs came.

That’s when the other brother

said “let me help you hold him”

And I looked at him the words

Don’t you dare touch him.

I am strong enough to hold the man.

Crying, finally crying.

I’ll shave my Head…..

No, I said.

If I tell you this is allegory, but only about the brother herein, then I’m not lying. We have been there together. So only half of this little poem is #Allegory.

Why could I have these two waking visions sitting where I am, pictured below? I released my photos of myself and my father, Patrick Clayton, Uncle Paul, and Uncle Ken late last night.

My Men on Twitter stayed up early this morning with me. #ThankYou it was a night well spent, My Loves. Edward is about to play an XBox game while I walk, then he will have a cup of coffee and we are going to read. It will be a great privilege to begin this book review today.

In the feature image, the black-skinned woman is so beautiful with me. The Protestant church particularly does not think so. I hate the Protestant Church, righteously. So let this be a lesson to Angels and men NOT “My Men” herein: misogyny in America has gone too far and even white women hate all other skin colors of women. They have forgotten the golden message of Mother Theresa. 

This is a State Farm Insurance Company building in Jackson, MS, where this picture was taken probably in 1989. 

It’s a Monday amen.


See Eara My Love? I finished it praying for your driving test today. I’m sorry they didn’t do for you what they did for Richard. I’m sorry Texas has misogyny in the State Government. Maybe someday, Texas will be Democrat.

Eara’s Mandela Meditation Coloring Book


In tales of old I would say this to my Pagan Family: you see, this is why there are tsunami. He couldn’t cry. He couldn’t sob. So the Earth grew wroth with it after the flood. This is after the flood and look at you now, America. Look at what you’ve done.

Taylor Swift — Look What You Made Me Do tells you the brother always requires receipts. Always. Here in Austin, everybody knows that. #Allegory

Hey ya’ll. Do you suppose Angels believe the prodigal son parable of Jesus Christ?

Message IRL: #NewGreenDeal #Sanders2020 #MedicareForAll



Somewhere by Barbra Streisand #InterActiveSongList

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