Concerning @godcallsbs 5

Uncovered No More: a four blood moon testimony 3

Whenever I try to retweet anything of his on one of my accounts, it locks up the retweet. No other account gets that response though my four accounts are hampered with retweet.

I don’t know why. But I know he must be a powerful voice in my small Twitterville Universe.

@godcallsbs, they have hurt me verbally two, going on three years, plus or minus two years. I’m still being threatened in conversation and it is always men who do this.

I forgot I’d thrown these runes, above. Many people have forced me through various means to hit delete upon my blog work after my three books were lost along with Tate Publishing by January of 2017 when Donald Trump was newly elected.

Anytime I add Jeff, a fellow blogger, I’m desperate for a laugh:

Dude’s ALWAYS right. I swear to #GOD he is #God you know what I mean? 😂

Yes He Does Give a Shit 1

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