And Then @TheTweetOfGod 6

Concerning @godcallsbs 5

Whom, it is possible, I have seen before. Twice actually. That’s at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church. He may know about that life of….

I’m in #Allegory. You Coffeys behave yourselves.

Okay I definitely need to get my little book out and #freehandart. Hold on y’all. ((Hugs all around))

10:44 PMCE

Do not hit me with copyright infringement or I swear to #GOD I will tell the world on this very website when you do.

The Raping of Our Children 2 tells you what every responsible parent in this day and age needs to do in 2019 and beyond to foster XBox and the Arts all at the same time.

1. Get a record player.

2. Buy good records from Goodwill AND Amazon. Linked below is Amazon for this gorgeous album. Anything Olafur Arnalds produces with others musicians or solo is gorgeous. Any and EVERY thing is what I am saying. He IS an Angel. Get his music in front of your children.

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with Speakers, Aqua Turquoise is like the one I purchased but it is true Barnes & Nobles has record players too. My player is turquoise because that is the color of the car my dad had when he was newly married to Mom, and we used that color for their 50th wedding anniversary. Let me see if I can find those pictures.

Here She is; Dad’s car which was on the cake. Most if not all the people at the party betrayed Dad and I. They are or were Christians. It’s better to walk off Cara Beaty. It’s better to disinherit her. It is best to try to blame her. But to come forward and publicly admit how much was hidden from me on my own property for the last five years is not something any Protestant is ever going to do.

Butterfly by Christina Perri #InterActiveSongList 6:14 AMC. I guess all these people’s home is in the sky and I’ve been left behind with some of them still standing there and justifying themselves to my face.

The Chopin Project on Amazon

Here is one I paid $.50 from Goodwill, and it is special too:

Why do I suggest such a collection? I was talking to a sales person at Half Price Books (also a great place to purchase vinyls), and she said the sound is not electric. That is some of the difference. Did you know I prefer VCR tapes at this point in my life, if I’m going to watch TV? I was very encouraged that the last Terminator Movie, trailer below, was rated R in a classic fashion.

Terminator: Dark Fate – Official Trailer (2019) – Paramount Pictures

Yes. I fell out of heaven hard-set when I was in the theater, and I cried like I cried at Whole Foods 11/17/2019. I told America you would see me cry. I’m female. I can’t take the spiritual/physical exchange very often without crying. Evidently men can do that exchange without crying. I’ve never seen these guys cry around me. (Hebrews 11) #Witness.

I don’t think that is a good thing, that Angelic Males don’t cry publicly. They can kill you as Jesus testified as he died. Post-Christians supposedly have the fear of God. But a female come around who testifies she knows of some of this clearly written in the New Testament and all of a sudden trolling and verbal abuse ensues–that isn’t the fear of God lemme say, nor is it respect in entertaining angels.

That scenario has been true in my life all of it, but yet the past five years the increase of the verbal abuse was horrifically more and more severe and my parents were dying on the property or near it. I could have had a more peaceful journey with my parents except everyone had deserted me and were pressuring me. They are ashamed at this point. I love them all. Some of them love me. Time will tell.

I interpreted the movie. Duh.



Listen to @LokiLopter. He is using @tomellis17 as a front. Both men are not misogynists.

Neither is the other Jesus Christ. What do I mean The Other Jesus Christ? Y’all ass hats know I been sayin’ He the best feminist I know. I’m a girl. I’m Jesus too y’all. 😂 AND we both born this time-frame in 1966.

Okay I can’t find Anniversary pictures. Here are some of Dad, me, Uncle Robert Paul, and Patrick Clayton Beaty. Nobody helped me when I took care of my mother, dying. Nobody. I forgive you.

I’ve been with Dad and Patrick in glorified bodies. America doesn’t know pain until you have to testify this. Thanks for that ARCAngel Gabriel (Rev 12).


This picture below is…it is a snapshot of ancient history of the marriage supper of the Lamb. The buffet to that dining room set is in my bedroom now and I will close this article with a picture of it.

In spirit life, John Paul Jackson walked into my room and looked out the window one early morning in a sleep/awake dream of mine. He slumped his shoulders. I’m not going to say much about John Paul and I anymore. I must assume at this point his whole family hates me. We love each other with a pure heart and we always did generationally but we both chose not to meet face to face. It would have been the death of both of our reputations that much more if either of us had crossed that boundary we both set.

1978, Edward Kenneth Beaty was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gerig’s Disease) and Patrick Clayton Beaty lay almost dead in the street. I was 12. 1980, Uncle Ken died and about 10 days later Patrick lay dead in the street a second time (Revelation 11 and 22). I have seen My Men die of plagues. Uncle Ken and John Paul Jackson are two of them and then you find out my first child was born in Jackson, MS.

That’s Dad’s first grandchild in his lap. By the time my mother died, her family had a completely different story about how they were saved back in the day as told to Curtis Coffey on the phone.

When Mom almost died in San Antonio, everybody was controlling me so much that they wouldn’t even call me as next of kin.

I’m pregnant for the first time in the red skirt. I’m in Jackson, MS. No no wait. I wasn’t pregnant there. That was a wedding shower.

I got even thinner after the C-section which brought Edith into the world. That was very desirable in Trophy Wives of the Covenant Church and still is in many Christian places. Look at my beautiful co-worker in these pictures. What about her, America? And what about how I always was anemic during pregnancies–and body issue programming screamed at me after being in Protestant Churches since I was 7 until about age 35. I knew I was supposed to have my dear children and I did regardless of my body turning into something I was programmed to hate.

As to racism, it’s in Austin, Texas almost as much as it is in Jackson, MS.

11th grade? I’m so sorry. I’d lost Patrick twice at this point. That may have been a 12th grade picture. I was in a private cult school. The Oaks was a church school from my Covenant Church days.

I know about covenants. Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no truths.

Enjoy. You’ve certainly picked Dad and I apart in your meantime, Klonek’s and others.

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