The Raping of Our Children 2

Yes He Does Give a Shit 1

I’m going to share the deliverance testimony of today that I was finally allowed to share with a Baby Boomer who is used to telling me “no” about everything. That is called stubborn, human independence which will justify some things until love made a way. I have many people in my life like this. I’m not going to explain to America why I would say that.

Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It’s Way by U2

I have a hard time with videos like this one above. And it’s because the people are very different than my subset of people. But that’s the point: let’s hear ourselves when we say how love is bigger than anything in our way.

Part of the raping of our children is in the spirit realms and that’s why I’m going to share this. Nobody, and I mean nobody, needs me to explain the horrific raping of children across history.

If you do, go to hell nnow. You deserve to feel the burn after a horrific cancer death after which your family is put into debt paying for your care and the cremation of your God-forsaken ashes. You will experience Second Death upon the hell burn. There, is that clear enough for American and European humanity who doesn’t give one shit for the children being raped and ravaged everywhere in real life this very moment?


I told this person that it must be attended, particularly due to career, that about an hour a day in the evening be spent in a room with no screens. I suggested Miracle Balls, and I am in the process of getting an essential oils diffuser for the living room upstairs.

I moved all XBox of the two youngest downstairs so I can grab them for yard work, trips to the library and park, and etc. after the New Year. Read: my family has been through a lot for 11 years. Change of the best kind is a slow process.

I am making sure these pictures above are a part of our school day and you can do this too somehow, someway no matter what kind of schooling your child is getting. We are home schoolers and you can bet your bottom freaking dollar, oh billionaires inn America, that I’ve been hated on for that fact.

I Hate Love

Uncovered No More: a four blood moon testimony 3

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