There Must Be Angels…..#Allegory

He said to me, that is, not a man but angel

He spoke–there are They who do not like Shekinah.

This hurts my huanwohood forever-

feelings terribly.

Shshsheee took m and M out of His Rib and He isn’t upset; the rest of angels and men are always upset but he isn’t. I know why; you don’t. I know why and won’t.


It is cursed not to have a mother

And I remember a time of reminding

A gift he’d given me, I thanked him.

He tried anger. smile

But I’m a little girl for an eternity and

I don’t care if you’ve had a mother or not.

So thanked you will be regardless, and

Kosher is salt.


No! No! Don’t hit delete, help me up.

I saw Impostor Who and asked him….

It threw Us against the wall of……

Knocked Wind out.

So I call up the Wind today, Seven counts.

And infuse his lungs to breathe again.

And asked Him to explain Jesus to me.

I am lost.


He always pays the price and Magdalene…..

 anyway we were slammed into the wall again.

France, you are the Wall in America White.

Not division; multiplication.


Please stop slamming Us into the Europe.

I don’t know how you are going to do that.

And Jesus I still explained in the meantime-

Consider my worship.

And herein is why Hagar’s Magdalene

Did cry and cry and cry when Abraham

Couldn’t see the value of love

Inside He’s She.

This is not prodigal; or neither Lazarus;

It is incomprehensibly faithful inside.

And We know what majesty dwells

Inside Moon’s Tides



Many people think and say many things about love. I say this: it exists. The moment you expect Shekinah to listen to your expectations upon women in the matter is the minute you are going to blind yourself to the removal of anti-Christ in your midst. And that is why we have Evangelicals being so blind it doesn’t bear thinking about in my dreams. 

But then I am reminded of wicked women. Yes I am reminded that I will never take your rib from you because you despise entirely too much and speak out entirely too little for Jesus, for the other women, for the men, and for the children.

I cannot even get my Tribe Judah Protestant Church to obey simple truths in the New Testament. Women must learn better to say yes, and to say no, in Europe and America. But that isn’t my business. You never were my business, America, and I found that out today on exactly one walk where I took a man who now has one less rib in the spirit realms to eternity and back again or this allegorical, stupid poem wouldn’t be here. He cannot get where I went himself but he knew to take out the electricity in my neighborhood so I could take Him. (Smile)

 She is saying the same thing as I Am. She wears a full headdress obediently. Trump has openly mocked this woman. She and I are so accurate at this point together there is not a place save where I take my people which is not blood in America. You are hell. You are guilty.


I’ve worn head coverings. I’ve cut my hair short. I have been beaten down verbally everywhere and lied about too.

We #RESIST amen.

Let me be clear: terrorists in America are white men. Oh I’m sorry, I’m only guessing about the person who shot two teens in CA 11/13/2019.

But nonetheless, we have terrorists in our midst and I know the truth. Those who put Donald Trump in the White House; those who work with the current, lying Republican Party, are those who orchestrated that shooting and it isn’t the only time.

I just pulled the wool off the eyes of America. It took me a while to come to this reality. You have made your blood-guiltiness across all time after The Great Flood extremely obvious.




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