I Hate Love #Allegory

The Rose by Bette Midler

What has America done to Cara Beaty-Coffey? What have you done to me you bastard piece of land and sea and humanity?

I color us as beautiful as can be. And look at what the Republican Party and Evangelicals are doing here in this country. Look at them.

It isn’t Jesus Christ. It isn’t the Angels. It isn’t me. So I must hate love. That makes sense today.

The electricity went out here in this neighborhood on November 15, 2019. I went for a walk.

Roger Stone is found guilty on 7 counts. I remember myself and exclaim that my children must be outside with me more; and we have time finally.

Trees; grass; sun; rain; and gardens; books, artwork, vibrant colors and shadowy passages: these are the elements of eternity

Those who really live and dwell with me are not the hissing, ferocious serpents I hear devouring one another this day and many before.

They will never forget in allegory how I allowed Him to turn Me into a Red Serpent so that when She hated Love in America righteouSLY, her heart would be safe.

Such a Guardian exists alone or Shekinah would never have been privileged to see eternity as I have within reality today. And then write it even as I wrote three volumes of dripping blood-moon testimony destroyed by American Republicans and Evangelicals who are all dead while they live.

Lazarus arose. Good morning.

The Swords Are Always There, My Loves


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