RUSH the Motion Picture

He dreams of rain and I ride a horse with no name through fire and ice; ice and fire. This is the message of the Motion Picture RUSH.

#InterActiveSongList 9:13 AMC

Desert Rose by Sting

I believe all of wealthy america should listen to this; watch it; for the unquenched passion of Romeo & Juliet; a mother of children & abortion/miscarriage for there is life precious there as I can say for I dwell with the living and innocent souls above 24/7 24/7 24/7 and I–Jesus told Daughters of Jerusalem to not weep for Him but Jesus you deserted me; you deserted Him. I am that daughter and her mother and I gaze at Him as he dies too. Nobody sees this sacrifice save #MaryMagdalene #Hagar across time.

And I am not believed on the suffering earth. So He carries Me upon the horse with no name yet my soul dwells in Desert Rose oh #GOD free Him from the disease of speech too wealthy to understand the Heart of Prince Free.

A Horse With No Name by America and yet now, these dear horses have golden, flaming manes. 💚

As I listened to Sting, #BayMax climbed up for a cuddle and He whispered to Me: Jesus Christ King of kings lives in love with you Cara. But He is pulled apart. So we comfort each other as best we can and keep moving (Revelation 9; 12; 14).

He and I have no comfort. Oh #GOD at least we begin to not be alone. #NewJerusalem

Purple Lamborghini from Suicide Squad by Skrillex & Rick Ross

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