Larry Norman 5

A Texas Hat and Boots Ain’t Sayin’ Much Republicans, 4

You cannot see the other side of my testimony. Jesus Christ the King of kings can see the other side of my testimony. You are just a human. He isn’t. He has my passwords. Duh. He doesn’t need passwords, flashing lights, or blog articles to have been here.

You’ve Been Left Behind by Larry Norman is in the correct tense.

I clearly identified Jesus Christ on this website. I have asked forgiveness from misinformation in 2014 when I was wrong–today. I have two adverse witnesses amen.

Now. Games over. I informed a source today that i could see the way it goes and it didn’t matter which family or church I’ve been attached to, it was always the same across 11 years. I am now silent as the grave except on three websites. You are either being banished or you are clearly left behind as Larry Norman sang. The King of kings has already told us all things, and Larry Norman began his prophetic ministry in 1966.

Larry Norman died in February of 2008 even as John Paul Jackson, Leslie Gore, and Bob Jones died in February. My human marriage was born in February. Hell froze over in the Bible Belt on February 4, 1989.

SO. I know. and you don’t. Game over. You also do not know where the openings are. I do. You have to be less adversarial to me for me to share real information with you. That’s funny. I don’t even know what less adversarial is. I’ve been told what to do and verbally chastised even today. It just keeps going. As I said, game over. You lost. Let’s do as my second son exhorted us both as we went to Summer Moons for coffee: move the fuck on.

I went to Stouthaus on my own. Hello Apostle James. Jesus Christ has seen your service and it is pure gold. Instagram and FaceBook don’t think so. Fancy that.

I have no intention of spending too much precious money on this ministry. Everybody hates me. Everybody. If you don’t, you are my true family. The rest of you, prove it to me that you do not hate me. The only people I’m not talking to are my seven youngest children all born in Texas amen.



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