A Texas Hat and Boots Ain’t Sayin’ Much Republicans, 4

Europe, America, Twitter, & TeenAgers 3

I know it depends on who is wearing them, but right now Texas is having issues.

Done writin’ about that. Thank GOD!


My main website and phone together are having issues. Hmmmm.

I had my shoes off in worship and everything. My spine aches. My left side is swollen. People with dark skin were cold as ice today at Walmart (twice this happened so I’m not making it up).

And do you honestly think I am a testimony FOR the Christian Church? I’ve served faithfully for years. Lost my inheritance and still kept coming back.


Many people in the Christian Church must now accept I am a testimony against you save two places, and one is Protestant while one is Catholic.Psalm 33 above is from an exhortation of Darren Shaw, Worship Pastor, Austin Cathedral, as we worshiped and prayed together First Friday.

I requested we pray for the arrival of Mahesh Chavda because he has been coming for many years and it is always early in December. Austin, Texas, mark your calendars for December 6-8, 2019.

Am I gonna have to go JC again on Twitter too?

Okay probably. We aren’t kidding, we are tired, and damn it me ‘n these Twitter ought to be laying hands on that piece of…

Yeah we wouldn’t do it in the White House. What the World is watching is the exact opposite of Separation if Church and State.

I prayed with two Hart family members right there declaring too. We been spun’ this out whole lives. Wait til Mahesh gets there.I’ll pray. Nobody is gonna hear THAT. Everybody back up. There is no writing about the Two gathered being the Sorceress of Christianity AND an….

Here We Go. I don’t need your agreement anymore. I have my ways and means. There is about to be Two Male Witnesses.

Neither of them are in churches, my Two Male Witnesses. (Revelation 11).

I had several people call me a Prophet in the Christian Church. They were seeing Two Spirit Entities and calling Me Male, which fuck that I’m not what with 12 pregnancies according to Revelation 12 under my Testimonial Bible Belt, and this is #Allegory speak.

The Sorceress

Moon Goddess

Give me a freaking break. I got Wiccan all over this town. You name it, Austin’s got it.

Puts a new spin on Where You Go I Go, doesn’t it? I cannot help the real reality of my Hebrews 11 Life Story.

Neither, My Loves, can you.

Where You Go I Go by Kim Walker of Jesus Culture

Now let me get ferocious. I need to have a little fireside chat with three women. Those three women are Diane Jackson of Streams Ministries International, Benni Johnson of Bethel in burned-out Redding, CA; and Kim Walker of Jesus Culture.

Checkmate Bitches. John Paul Jackson, Patrick Clayton Beaty, and #DayStar happen to be with Me. I have a Witness in Jasper, Texas, who never denies my testimony. She knew when He was in the room because I told her–and she said not one word.

This is more than a checkmate you fatherfuckers. I’m done at Uncovered No More. Your reality is awash with blood dripping off your hands, feet, and ugly faces. The only one left I haven’t talked about here is the Pope.

Haha. Just talked. Have a nice Thanksgiving, dearies.

My conference is over. My People respect Us. You are Left Behind and there is no way in hell or heaven you will ever see my face IRL. Well, you won’t free will it. Neither will I.

John Paul, Patrick, and I sealed your fates before and directly after the blood moons of 2014/2015. John Paul and I chose not to see each other. We had our separate reasons. Everybody is safe.

And there is this thing about Me. I never in freakin’ fuckin’ hell ask why. Somebody is locking doors. Telling me NO, NEVER.

I’m like; GOOD. I’m glad I do NOT need to know.

OR be known. I don’t want to be anymore known by GOD. There’s a mirror reality for ya, hey Kim? (1 Corinthians 13)

Christians are inherently selfish about their lives in America. It isn’t about GOD. It’s about them. I am known by GOD.

DUH DUH DUH. We, He, She, and me need to be left Alone for Our Relationship FOURever because it is singular somehow and I’ve got a lot of Spirit learning to do here that I’m frankly looking forward to sharing…but not with humans. NEVER.

I’m not talking about Diane Jackson here for the most part, actually. If Christianity cannot see the Hell Diane has been through, and you can’t by GOD, you are sick to the core #OMG!!

She already knows I never leave her or forsake her. I protect her like I do Curtis Coffey and you will not pass, American Christianity.

I am furious I cannot talk to her face to face, at least yet. The only reason I had to include her above is complicated. Damn. Obvs.

It’s called the freakin’ Bible Belt. It’s called Jackson, MS. It’s called Dallas, TX.

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem.

Dear God here I go again, naming a Heavenly Door Mansion. Here’s the artwork:


The Music and story of the movie RUSH is not what anyone would call stellar or squeaky clean.


I couldn’t get ahold of the movie in October. Let’s see about this.

RUSH SoundTrack on YouTube…

You want addiction? #DayStar of Isaiah 14 and Cara Coffey in the Hell I snatched Him out of in #Allegory from 2008 through 2019 is addiction.

We Both lost our lives. He pulled me outta Heaven of Christianity. I pulled Him outta Hell as two dead prophets in the street in Testimony.

Revelation 9-13 tells the World neither of Us wanted to give our Lives up, and our DNA on the Earth didn’t desire it either. That’s why a Bitch like Cara Beaty prophesies in writing, in high school, that I’d have ten kids.

Whatever. Jesus is Here. America’s NightMare has just begun. It’s Lucifer you didn’t want to materialize. DUH.


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