Europe, America, Twitter, & TeenAgers 3

Tier One

I think that’s pretty European Clear so to speak.

Tier Two

I had the reaction not because of @jesus_twinkie. I had a young man declaring he is a Republican and still bad-mouthing Democrats and another one I’m dealing with all right. He is wrong and knows it.

I’m done putting up with this shit. See my Mama exhortations, below, in that fucked up third tier. If you can’t figger out why Europe went first you’re a Baptist, a Pentecostal, a Muslim, or all three. 😂😂😂

That’s serious white boy stupid, Muslim, Baptist-Pentecostal. Sayin’.

Third Tier

To be continued…

I cannot remember what was supposed to be here. I’ll put some art that I produced the day after Thanksgiving 2019 because yeah it was noteworthy when I spent $144 even at Walmart.

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