Radical Part 3

Stupid and overweight middle income white men step into a snake pit faster than I can pull Lucifer outta hell most days. I’m not kidding but this is #Allegory.

Damn it Man of MorningStar don’t You think it a bit dangerous for these ass hats in Austin, Texas? I wanted to say, you can stuff your little idea about me getting a job at home up your very ugly white ass. But I didn’t say anything except nice shit. #ohmygods


@realDonaldTrump is a racist, sexist, murdering, ghoul. IOW he is a bag of bones that’s just using everybody and numb to anything and anyone that doesn’t give him what he considers correct for his point of view.

None of this is the radical. Here is the radical:

I remember that year. Patrick went to the Public Garland High School while Dad had put me in Garland Christian Academy (Baptist deal going on there, nice people), and that was all he could afford. Dad transferred me to private school because when I transferred to the middle school in sixth grade there was smoking in the bathrooms and gangs hanging out around the school.

Anyway, at the high school Patrick was among some students called up to speak. I cannot remember what he spoke about except he did start to testify about Jesus Christ. I think he was in tenth grade, but you have to understand this was during the time that he died the first time, and I was around 12 years old. He got up from that and we went for two years him being somewhat healed.

That day, the students began to back their desk/chairs away the power of God was so strong. Earlier, guys would challenge him to fights after school and I’d be scared as hell trying to get him to just say no. He showed up, they didn’t.

He went to private school with me after that. Then he died. My memory is understandably hazy. He was an eagle scout in the Covenant Church movement. When we transferred to private school with the church is when he left Garland High.

This is a low key testimony until you remember that this Dude is the one I’ve seen in glorified form, is the one along with Robert Hilton Beaty and David Wilkerson who dropped dead in a street but he did it twice (Revelation 11), and the one everyone knew there was something powerful about but it was low key until 2008-2019.

Okay that does it. These law breakers are obviously rich white men. Patrick, Grandpa, and David Wilkerson are just as white. Case Closed. I know guilty as hell, do you? Yeah well it is obvious in this article there is a Lucifer among us nowadays that knows what guilty as hell looks like.

He ain’t the only one and we don’t know his given name but still obvious is obvious and not obvious is Patrick Clayton Beaty. I can tell you one thing. I ain’t never known Patrick to disagree with Me about something as huge as international and national politics. Ha! He knows better than that to this day.

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