Death to Life October 18, 2014

Nobody around me believes in the truth, the whole truth, and so help us GOD.

21 Captain Obvious Memes


Kyle Murray (Shirley Beaty-Murray’s great-grandchild) died after a second bout of brain cancer on October 18, 2014, at the age of 10. That happened to be the only time I sent my phone number to a male until early October of 2019, and it was my second cousin Recie 3.

I got nothing from him but lies and that is not all that happened. There was that vision I had across several episodes; a waking, lucid dream, that I didn’t understand. I was 14. Patrick died September 27, 1980 and thereafter until Christmas of that year I began to learn what it was to be a Seer. 

I was reminded of that lucid dream on October 18, 2014. Then the real lies began to invade my privacy and did you know I didn’t know that there is the screen behind the screen on the Internet to where even if I blocked Twitter Accounts to protect them, they could see my tweets all along unless I kept the account private which I’ve never done because I trusted people close up that I shouldn’t have trusted?

I didn’t learn about that until September and October of 2019. Here is the other thing: I keep getting told a couple of things: If you would just do what I say….. and you were the one who began the conversation…….. 

Yes well. Now the only conversation anyone is going to have with Cara Coffey is on blogs. Otherwise, get used to talking about cats, dogs, artwork, cleaning house, home schooling, cooking, and life in general with a lady who has had enough of enough of being treated like a person who is blind when I was seeing the truth all along.

I told them over and again if you hide anything, I hurt. I asked them, pleaded really, to study about empaths so they could understand them. And I wonder why Curtis Coffey was following Life Austin on his Twitter Account? No worries Curtis. No worries because I blocked you and I assume you don’t do the same thing Patrick does and go behind the scenes.

As it concerns Recie 3, you don’t have time for Cara Coffey. I would have accepted you into my home at any time so you could tell me the truth. It is the only thing that sets you free. Taking care of Scott Evelyn’s widow in New Hampshire is not going to do anything for you at all.

Pastor George Oaks denied me access to Life Austin’s new chapel in 2018. Kyle was only 10 years old. Aunt Shirley died in my bedroom from a double bout of brain cancer when I was 10 years old. That is the year I stood on our Crestview Drive’s front porch and heard the Holy Spirit tell me not to feel sorry for myself.

You can feel sorry for yourself whomever sees your behaviors hurting me in this testimony. You do that. I’m going to move on still in love with you.

Death to Life Details today:

Curtis married Cara February 4, 1989 and I froze hell over. oops. Dad died hours before our anniversary on February 3, 2016.

February 4, 2014, I wrote a tri-triangle poem while Bob Jones of Bob Jones Ministries died. Mom told me. Her niece, my cousin, and Recie’s mom Mary Virginia called and told her. Mary Virginia informed Mom alot. Yeah I think Recie felt that was his ministry to me, but he never asked as I’ve already admitted above. Triangles of Love on Rivers

Kyle Murray died October 18, 2014 and Curtis Coffey turned 52 the next day.

I had a demon of Insanity talk through my voice September 25, 2008 and Scott Evelyn had a tractor fall on him September 25, 2016 so he died on the mountain in New Hampshire gifted first to John Paul Jackson and then passed to Scott Evelyn.

Robert Paul Beaty died of an attempted suicide on April 19, 2010 and Mary Virginia Klonek-Beaty died Good Friday, April 19, 2019 after her daughter faithfully took care of her for about one year.

Curtis was not told about how I had been disinherited until two months before my mother tried to completely relocate to San Antonio, Texas, so that she could die there and get away from me.

She didn’t get away from me because, as I admitted on blogs already but it is deleted, Dad told me–in Spirit Life like Holy Spirit talks to many of us no big deal and I even speak in tongues–to take care of my mother so I went to San Antonio and got her back by right after Christmas of 2017. She had almost died of numerous seizures brought on by Ecoli from numerous UTI understatement.

Mary Virginia Petty had changed her insurance after Mom gave her Medical POA. But I had the DNR responsibility anyway and I had a global POA that nobody bothered to think about when they were doing all that. When my mother was having multiple seizures and almost died, they wouldn’t even call me as next of kin. They informed Curtis. #wtf and Mary Virginia lied about my dad to Curtis on the phone later.

Yeah there is illegality and there is illegality. As I said, I’m following the New Testament and won’t take anyone to court. But if Cris Arrington doesn’t shut up and behave better I’m going to tell even more of this story as it concerns my oldest daughter even though Adriana is getting just a little threatening with me.


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