I’m a little busy. Concerning the Month of April, Part One is keeping me just a tad busy ya’ll.

But I figure with the help of the Geek Squad from Best Buy, you gonna be getting me on video reading Uncovered No More: loved by Jesus at the same time that you are getting this lovely book’s review along with beautiful Mandelas and my poetry review of T.S. Eliot’s book.

Oh, here’s that miracle dream-weaving article:

Miracle Weaver Me

It was pretty cool last night at Summer Moons. But that’s classified information now since America is lying about Cara Coffey and so they must pay the Temple Prostitute of the Protestant World if they want my Spiritualistic Testimony anymore. Damn it ya’ll. Pay Me or give me death.

That’s the mantra of a good many Americans: pay me or give me death and it is of their own free will, isn’t it?


Collected Poems by T.S. Eliot was introduced to me through The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum, and then Francis A. Schaeffer seconded the authenticity of the poetry of Mr. Eliot in How Should We Then Live.

Now everyone knows, in a three part series, what it means truly to be Cara Coffey, a woman according to Hebrews 11 who gets her dead back.

Yeah. I’m a Temple Protestant Prostitute now. (Revelation 17 whore, you know). Get me my house back and pay me for my service any time I step into a church no matter Catholic or Protestant and then maybe I’ll change my interpretive mind. I’m kidding. I will never change my mind about how people are not as Christian as they claim to be in the United States of America. You proved me right, left, and correct America in the last 11 years. Your course of performance sucks as it concerns Uncovered No More.

DUH. By the Way, #InterActiveSongList is classified information. And I’m not even going to set up a GoFundMe.


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