Jesus Christ Restores My Free Will, Part 3


Everyone assumed Uncovered No More: clothed by God was the book Curtis was talking about September 24, 2008. Yah I forgot the Coffey testimony in Concerning the Month of April, Part One. It isn’t. Uncovered No More: loved by Jesus (volume two) is the book I choose to go on this website after all these years all glory to GOD and in Jesus the King of kings’ Name, amen.

Alva Walter Coffey was almost killed by hitting a deer as he drove home on a Mississippi Highway days before Curtis uttered what he did. But Walter isn’t a dead prophet in the street. He isn’t a prophet at all. And he admitted to me he thought an Angel came by and kept him awake until paramedics came. She was a very nice lady. Thank you, Lady (2 John). He also admitted the doctor was incredulous. The way his collar bone had been broken indicated death in most cases. I call that a miracle. Some or many people in my life, I seriously doubt Walter would say this but you’ll have to ask him, would call the sparing of my brother-in-law’s life “coincidence” too.

You are looking at Cara Coffey, America. I was there without being there. I knew Walter had shit unconfessed in his life by divine Seer Vision. I usually cannot speak that type understanding and if I do, or sing in heaven like I did at the place Mom died, people persecute me through verbal abuse. It’s automatic. They don’t know what to do when I catapult them to heaven like that so I have to keep my abilities cloaked a lot.

Sure enough, under unction of the Holy Spirit Walter’s adopted son contacted me in Direct Message some years ago on Facebook and told me some things that are sealed for the sake of the privacy of the Coffey Family. He has a very real debt to pay. Get it done, young man.

Then poof! Dad kicked satanic ass and all of a sudden 11 years later you have this kid in the American Neighborhood who admits she loves the World System and Luciferian Angelic Men so much she did a little number. *blink Blink*

I can’t say “Come, Lord Jesus, Come” anymore because I happen to know enough mansion preparation is done that He is here somewhere. I had that vision last week. My visions are now classified because too many people have lied about my life to where it is automatic they just use what they hear from me or around me and it is selfish how they use it.


I can pray for my enemy worldwide. 🙏🏼🌟💚

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