Concerning the Month of April, Part One

Shawn Bolz clearly announces on Twitter that his birth date is in April. He came to Austin Cathedral in October of 2019 and I know Cheryl Davis was working on that little escapade. She is a pastor with Bill Hart.

I just blocked Shawn on Twitter along with John Thomas of Streams Ministries International. John has blocked accounts of mine across the past two years. It’s called Star Wars in the Apocalypse.

Where the Coffey family and the Klonek family interpreted against me began in 2014. They defined the demon speaking through my voice which happened September 25, 2008 as a nervous break down. Curtis didn’t tell me that until he told Jerry and Laura Clark. When they were visiting with us about how my mother disinherited me, Curtis offered that excuse as the reason my mother did what she did.

It’s not funny to me that key people in my life have done this to me. Informing a person, an adult, after the fact is saying she is guilty without allowing her the defense and now I’ve found out my son signed a legally binding document on my mother’s word alone and I don’t even know when that happened. It was perhaps in 2015 or 2016. My mother expressly told my son not to talk about it.

Yet by the time I spontaneously, even miraculously under unction of the Holy Spirit, went to the safe, unlocked it, and found the altered will, my whole family including my youngest children knew many things. And they were taught by Curtis that I’d had a nervous breakdown.

Dad point-blank told everyone, and it was reported in my first book, that he saw the large demon in the spirit realms as he exorcised it off. Nobody listened to either Dad or me, and what is more, Mary Virginia Petty spoke point-blank lies about my father to Curtis on the iPhone before my mother died. Ask him. He doesn’t lie.

Back to Shawn Bolz. Cheryl Davis was giddy as she announced her success at getting Shawn Bolz to Austin Cathedral in October. Shawn was born in April. Bill Hart was born in April. I Am born in April and Patrick is born on my birthday 23 years later. Miracles, right? Yes but Patrick defines all this as “coincidence” and I’m guessing that’s what Curtis does–defines everything I have carefully and privately testified to him across 11 years “coincidence”. I clearly wrote blog articles many years ago, and lost the websites as people kept hiding these facts and lying around me, as I hit delete on my author life.

Let me tell the world Whom Else is born in April and is clearly on Twitter: @jesus_twinkie.

Now you know who Cara Coffey is aligning with as it concerns politics. Curtis voted for Donald Trump. Patrick has trump curtains hanging in the back windows of my father’s house right this minute.

He told me yesterday I can ignore them. I do ignore them all the time and I don’t care.

Let Me repeat. I don’t listen to anyone except a clear Son of God, or possibly Angel, as it concerns politics. Why should I listen to anyone in my past life as a spiritualist? Even the field of psychiatry will tell you to get out of toxic environments as it concerns your core life.

I Am a spiritualist and have told my family for years many things about my spiritual life. Now Patrick, clearly yesterday, defined the lining up of death dates as “coincidence” and the fact that his dad turned on September 24, 2008 and said to me that I was going to write a book called Uncovered No More after which a demon of insanity talked through my voice as testified in volume one faithfully, a mistake.

Yes. Patrick said that to me yesterday. Ask him. He is my witness but I ain’t capitalizing it because Patrick hasn’t reached the immortal state yet. Edith has. You cannot go out of birth order as a Sorceress. That would do harm spiritually and in the soul life of any children. DUH. Decent and in order, y’all. I’m a Pagan NOT a Christian.

I don’t have much on my side as Cara Coffey at this point. I have my doctor, my new counselor, and my blogs for the truth that sets me free. I have asked both Curtis and Patrick to please read Francis A. Schaeffer’s book. They never do what I ask. I am not exaggerating. Let me interpret that: Curtis would rather believe me having had a nervous breakdown the day after he said that than stand up and tell the truth from my perspective as a spiritualist. And I still love him fully. I told him in 2012 up in the bedroom that he is sleeping in now that I would never leave him or forsake him. Of his own admittance to dear friends of mine, according to my mother I’d had a nervous breakdown.

I can get a divorce and still love a man I’ve had ten children with y’all. Damn it just because I only have sex with one man at a time is hampering my romantic side seeing as how Curtis clearly denied my testimony in 2017? Yeah maybe. Go ask him exactly when he denied my testimony. He was wearing a Captain America ball cap that day. Damn you don’t know what he said to me do you? He also swears up and down I’m the sole one who put us in debt.

And Scott Evelyn died eight years to the day of when that demon talked through my voice. Shane Davis in Mississippi testified to Curtis and me that they couldn’t clear the back of his property because tractors were tipping over it is so paranormal back of his heavenly door dwelling. Scott was killed on that mountain in New Hampshire because the tractor fell on him. My GrandFather was killed in 1933 when his truck ran over him. He, my brother Patrick my son is named after in the first name, and Prophet David Wilkerson all died in Texas Streets as prophets according to Revelation 11.

Curtis heard all that testimony and kept to his train of thought about me as did Patrick by 2016 or he wouldn’t have signed a document without consulting his mother.

Then there is Uncle Paul who built my house that isn’t mine anymore with my father WHO CLEARLY TESTIFIED THAT A DEMON HE SAW SPOKE THROUGH ME AND HE EXORCISED IT OFF: Robert Paul Beaty died April 19, 2010. Nine years from the day, just like my mother is the ninth child and we all know through numerology John Paul Jackson taught, who is the head of Streams Ministries International… “Christians” how nine can mean judgment, was when my mother breathed her last April 19, 2019, which coincidentally was Good Friday, 2019.

Okay much as I hate to point out one more death detail, I am going to do it because I love the World System. Fuck you Cara, what? I cannot snatch Luciferian Male Angels out of hell with Michael Angelic Agents without loving the World System Satan (an allegorical figure, as we all know who understand the 666) set up through people using their free will one day at a time as wicked vessels most of whom rage at God “for making me this way” when they had free will.

They could have changed that shit. If you don’t have Satan, who are you gonna blame? Yourself, idiots. It’s called selfishness otherwise known as loving yourself ABOVE any neighbor including GOD.

Robert Hilton Beaty, Junior died faithfully of cancer he repented for because he picked smoking up of his own free will after GOD delivered him spontaneously some years before. He was an addict and it got the better of him. He left this Earth Life warning his grandchildren not to smoke. They do. They all know they need to stop because Grandpa taught them well. They are doing it and I personally don’t see a problem with weed, or a little tobacco with weed, or etc. in moderation in a person’s life. Evidently now in Texas, you have to be 21 to make that choice. Okay, whatever…..still……just because you smoke a little each month, does that mean you are going to die of cancer? I don’t know. I don’t care. That’s your choice and nobody else’s. 

Dad died hours before Curtis and I had a 27th wedding anniversary. I froze hell over with that vow, ya’ll on February 4, 1989. Oops. Satan is being cast away. Go talk to Angelic Brothers about that shit. I am a Woman, ya’ll. Too busy for THAT. DANG IT! (Revelation 12)

Yeah I didn’t celebrate Easter this year. Anyone wanna guess why?

Here is the truth: Volume One of my testimony is not the book Curtis was testifying about. Volume Two is that book. You will be getting it free on this website. I understand the 666. There is no way in heaven or hell I will ever again publish except for basically “free”. I think I’ve earned the paying for a little bitty website in sex, child care, home schooling, cleaning, cooking, and busing ungrateful children around in this single income family particularly since I used the IRA money, some of it, to pay as much of our debt off as possible to keep us comfortable.

We are doing very well financially particularly since we don’t have a house payment and haven’t had since many years ago not to mention the fact that Curtis works for the State of Texas so he has guaranteed retirement and great insurance.

I wonder if the Kurds Trump is attacking have good insurance and guaranteed retirement with no house payment for so many years, Curtis?

Yeah I know White Supremacy interpretation, Shawn Bolz, when I see it.

Game over ya’ll. I shall know the truth and that alone through King of kings Jesus Christ sets me free.

I apologize if my true interpretation of the last 11 years offends anyone. But if you think I’m willing to live with these lies in my life as a spiritualist, you don’t understand Beaty’s very well. People lied about me and about my father. My mother was a weak woman and Dad and I knew that. My mother could easily be shamed. Her sibling set were mean people. Aunt Cris was chased with a knife by a drunk Joe Klonek and had to hide behind a refrigerator as a young child while Gramma Klonek chased Joe out of the house–years ago.

Gramma was afraid for her son too or she would have called the police which….LOL my kids would never pull shit like that. Are you fucking kidding me I will call the police pronto on ADULT CHILDREN if I know they are breaking the law and physically going to hurt someone. There should be parent protection agencies of free counseling, though. I have been so verbally abused and over-worked so precisely across the last ten years at least that I am terming it PTSD but I’m not going to get diagnosed for THAT. DUH. I know when I need a break. I fucked hell and need a break. (Revelation 17-22)

If anyone wants to understand what a mentally unbalanced life is, go look up the histories of the Klonek Siblings.

Uncle Paul informed his son before he attempted suicide. The only reason he did it was to spare his wife and family helping him die. He contracted prostate cancer a second time and knew he was losing the battle.

Many people understand that some people choose to take their life and some people in America and elsewhere want the right to be put finally to sleep as an elderly person. They want to use their free will to choose a kind death. It is at the moment called a DNR. If Uncle Paul had been given the right, he could have checked into a hospital, had a kind doctor waiting outside, had all of us who love him SO MUCH say good-bye, and been put to sleep. THAT is called #MedicareForAll and I’m voting for #Sanders2020 if I’m given the chance.

How do I know about euthanasia being more kind and what should be legal? I had the DNR power over my mother. That was the hardest month of my life being the only surviving relative who people had lied about for years making the very loving decisions about the woman who hated me the last 11 years of my life enough to go to my son and aggressively dominate the situation of my inheritance behind my back.

Patrick declares my mother was in her right mind. Really son? Have you had E-coli eating your brain after multiple UTI infections? Do you know even what “in your right mind” means to still be justifying yourself to have signed a legal, binding document behind my back?

Hmmmm. Whatever. Don’t talk to me about this article. Don’t any family members or friends talk to me about this article. I will put the date and time of it here.

Okay. Let’s live at peace with Cara Coffey now. She finally found the truth as an Exorcist.

And now I have spiritual control back of Uncovered No More with a Son of God, or Angel, or both, because of my free will I gave him authority to be controlling this article, at least, with Me about.

You took my true life away, humanity America. I know when to trust someone, a third party, who is equally a spiritualist who already knows this is his third time back.

Okay. Goodbye humanity. Hello Immortality. And for the record, all ten of my children are coming with Me. They don’t have a choice. Patrick listens to me respectfully all the time. He has every intention of taking care of his family and proves that on a regular basis.

And I hope he gets our piano fixed in my living room soon so that I can hear that lovely music coming through his fingers. If you thought I was going to not defend my son, America, you thought I was a weak vagina.

You are fucked now. Ha! Let’s have fun Coffey Family.

I didn’t like Fireproof as a movie because of weak vagina syndrome. But I love this song: Waiting by John Waller.


I’m guessing everybody KNOWS which is Cara’s fave month. LOLOL

Come on Azusa Street Revival. Get up with Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey. Love ya!!!

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