Okay That is Enough

@CuckForYourSins is a Dude I know was born in 1966. He behaves the same as a younger person in my life who has no conscience where what happened to me is concerned.

Let me say this. As a Pagan Prophetess I snatched spiritually that Dude. (Jude).

He is calling himself Jesus Christ.

I put him in Judah on this website.

I wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t necessarily fully correct, either. Did the best I could just like with 7 foot Justin on November 19, 2016 at my church.

His account this time is flagrantly sexual.

And that IS wrong. I’m going to refer him and other “immortals” to Masquerades Are Not Real and challenge he and his supporters to go with their real names like #MyMen on Twitter and in Austin are doing.

You missed it when the Jesus Account I’m talking about showed His Name.

Game Over.

I’m supposing #MyMen will require the rest of you to say thank you to a good many people across time for our patience and endurance dealing with you in #loveneverfails.

#CourtsOfHeaven #EveryKneeBows


Cluster I don’t necessarily block: @TweetOfSpirit and a second account as he has been hampered on Twitter: @TweetOfSpirit_


@Gaia_Comics has lovely comics. But both s8n and the Gaia account are in business.

So you see the issue. If you don’t, go reread Revelation 13.

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