No More Allegory Part 4

As I’ve been stating since September of 2019, both the email and the name Tara Ann Moons are an author pseudonym henceforth.

There have been too many conjectures about me and my life since 2014. I am finished with living with people treating me with a tremendous amount of negativity and falsehood.

I have been clear in this four part series and continue to work out my salvation with fear and trembling for this now 46 year Christian life. My life is now mine. I have released enough testimony according to Revelation 12 as a well-meaning prophetess and even Spiritualist in other terms according to paganism. People are not trustworthy from my last 11 years. That being said, I know who loves me and who pretends yet is being selfish.

Enough said. This series is over with this fourth part.

And I say I think I have the Spirit of GOD even as Apostle Paul said in the New Testament. I am thankful my 11 year affliction is ended. On to a 47th year in love with GOD, me, and my neighbor.

That’s Damn Rock N Roll feat. Izzy Hale by Eric Church & the Outsiders

Now here the rubber meets the road Beaty style. I get messed with face to face or otherwise anymore, I’m calling you an enemy of the Cross of Jesus Christ. You go look it up in the Bible and leave a comment as to what your interpretation of that is. I don’t care about your interpretation. I am over-worked, I’m tired of politics in families and my federal government, and I just need some space to be me. Be nice, ya’ll. I know you hate the way my life testimony turned out. Take it to God or not. If you don’t believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and have denied my testimony one way or another even in August and September of 2019, your name may come up here. I love you as that enemy as much as I love you as whomever you are in my life. This is called turning the other cheek Beaty style. Love ya!!

Drink more Coffey. You’ll be fine I’m sure. Anybody have any issues with my life, and I’m already a member of Austin Cathedral. Im about to become a member of Bethel Austin as long as they aren’t a cult like Life Austin on Hwy 71. Those idiots are something else. All about the dollar.

Enemy of the Cross of Christ & Uncovered No More

Ain’t no names here yet but there ought to be. I’m waiting y’all. I’m waiting kindly for you to be a real Christian.


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