The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer Part 4

I am sharing this book’s review on Uncovered No More at the same time I’m doing the same thing at Rivers because Dad. That Man is a determined Dude when it comes to men, sons, and making sure the girls are cared for how they are supposed to be.

Seriously, Dad had a glitch where women are concerned. If you can possibly imagine, he was born with a hole in his heart because Grandpa Beaty died since his truck rolled over him while Dad was in Grandma Eara’s womb. Then, Gramma died of uterine cancer when Dad was 14 and the sixth child. Only five children survived infancy. They were raised during or directly after the Depression.

Then, when I was ten in 1976, Dad and Mom took care of Aunt Shirley. She was Dad’s only sister. Aunt Shirley’s husband walked off her and five kids. Dad had a hard time forgiving Uncle Phil but did so and was balanced when he talked about it.

Anyway, Mom and Dad took care of Aunt Shirley for the last seven weeks of her life in my bedroom. Earlier, Aunt Shirley asked Dad to baptize her so he did it in the bathtub at Crestview Drive since she was getting weak.

I’m his only daughter. Any questions?

He wouldn’t even die when Mom and I were in the room. I sensed it was almost time February 3, 2016, and just hours before Curtis and I had an anniversary, Dad passed. Curtis came and told me. I was sitting up in our bed waiting. I’m always waiting. I minister to the dying; I minister with angels like Dad does and all Beaty’s do and I minister with those that come back down because I get my dead back. I’ve seen many souls and nowadays I’ve learned to fellowship with my living by reading their books.

Obviously, the feature image is one such Man, A.W. Tozer. In the modern day, Francis A. Schaeffer, Bob Mumford, and Dr. RT Kendall are such Men. They are likely #TribeJudahElect but you’d have to check with Jesus Christ King of kings to know for certain. There are only so many things a woman like myself who gets her dead back (Hebrews 11) can tell you for fact. I still have people insisting on ignoring my real testimony. ARCAngels have made me safe in Austin, Texas, and I’m looking forward to Mahesh Chavda coming to Austin Cathedral first weekend in December of 2019 Lord willing.

It was a real important matter for Dad to make sure he put his name on this book. Now I’m finding out why some years later. Amen.

If there was a Man in America from 1934-2016 that was Abraham, it was Bob Beaty. Look at what he underlined and let me tell you Patrick’s story:

The second time Patrick Clayton died, he went and submitted to Dad that he wanted to jog and be timed again. Dad knew full well his son would die possibly.

Patrick told Dad approximately this: he wouldn’t be afraid of death. Dad let him go and lost his son. Keep in mind we’d lost Uncle Edward Kenneth Beaty about ten days before to Lou Gerig’s Disease.

There is a Season for everything, isn’t there? Father Abraham has many sons; and yet, when the going got rough the only person left testifying about my Father is Cara Ann Coffey, and I’m a daughter receiving inheritance equally with Sons of God according to Job 42. I’m a good bit more, but we will leave that to forever and let certain of ARCAngels and Immortals tell my story.

I’m moving on in love with everybody and forgiving America, and particularly Evangelicals and Ultra-Charismatics (from the Azusa Street Revival on in this case) for leaving me in a world of hell that they are ignoring for the time being.


From Chapter Two, The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing which blew me away the day I put my parents’ ashes publicly to rest at #133 in a wall at Cook Walden Funeral Home, and here I will tell you to go watch #TheFamily on Netflix. This is divine appointment and I do not care what anyone says about it. Amen.

Nancy Pelosi and I are working together. God bless America because let me tell you the political realm isn’t going to do it. #VoteBlue #RESIST.


Chapter 4 Apprehending God, a reading with commentary for Humanists, atheists, religious people, and Pagans.


 The Pursuit of God Chapter 5 reading


Part 2 Praying for my enemies


Chapter 6 The Speaking Voice reading and testimony about my life here on this property as I move on from this place of 11 years which rendered me misunderstood in ways that I am forgiving America for all glory to GOD.

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