Jesus Leads Patrick Clayton & Cara Ann Beaty to the Cross Part 3

#InterActiveSongList 7:50 PMC

Lead Me to the Cross by the Newsboys

***…***…***… Part 2

People. People who need people. Well did anyone ever ask you about women who get their dead back according to Hebrews 11? I’m one of them. Mom literally told Me not to call her back down. I have a story. They wiped it off Periscope and intimate a good many things that are lies.

Robert Paul Beaty died by gunshot wound to his own head (suicide attempt) on April 19, 2010. Nine years later, my mother died on Good Friday, April 19, 2019. Her youngest sister attended her and I was glad for them both but nobody has any idea how much her family hated on me the whole time she died.

Kyle my second cousin, Aunt Shirley Beaty’s great grandson, died from a second bout of brain cancer when He came down a second time, and that was October 18, 2016 possibly.

It could have been earlier. But you need to check yourself at the American Door. I’m the woman you love to ignore, America.

I’m not going to tell you who “He” is. It was the same “He” right after Patrick left the second time. I was 14. “He” is now in Austin and prevailed upon Me to hit delete. It’s fine. It’s in my phone recordings and I’m one to change my mind if idiots don’t stop with their shit.

September 24, 2008, Curtis told me, you’re going to write a book and it is going to be called Uncovered No More. Days before that, his brother should have died on a Mississippi Highway but Coffey isn’t Immortal and Walter couldn’t die by mercy of GOD for he had unrepented sin in his life as a Christian. He hid a lot of stuff, that man.

Then September 25, 2008, a demon of insanity spoke through my voice and told Dad who exorcised it off that I needed to divorce Curtis and that I was insane.

We moved on, and I have a video that will be the first of many reading the real book Curtis was talking about. He wants to stay in that first book as do all Christians like Franklin Graham. Why? It is because they have to be correct because they are afraid of GOD and won’t relax and stop taking glory on themselves.

You know, John Paul Jackson never did that and neither did Scott Evelyn of the Bridge Church in New Hampshire. And Scott had a tractor fall on him eight years from the day when that demon talked through my voice. Recie Edward Saunders 3 betrayed me, as did my mother’s family, and now he is privileged with taking care of Scott’s widow.

And they all still want to think things about me that are pure shit even as Donald Trump is within Impeachment Inquiry and rightfully so.

And now you are finding out that large portions of Uncovered No More: loved by Jesus will be read on this website as the book Curtis was talking about before that demon spoke through my voice and Dad exorcised it off.

Get on your knees and repent for the kingdom of God is still at hand. I’m talking to all religious people, humanists, and everything in between like atheists.

I don’t personally care if you do that. I am moving on in love with myself and my neighbor.

So here’s the deal. Why don’t y’all go to church everywhere with Patrick Clayton and Cara Ann Beaty in Austin, Texas? I’ve seen him. Listen now. This recording was taken on a walk. The woman I testify about lives in my street, has lied in my kitchen, and is one of those type neighbors I love from a distance. She is a copier. And I have that issue in Austin to be sure. What the fuck ever leave me alone. I’m living my life get the hell away from me and my children and go live yours.


Oh you don’t like that? Fuck off. I’ve had enough Bible thumping, humanist intelligence, and lying around me for 11 years to last the rest of my life and in the life to come. So yeah, fuck off and mind your own business. Try to do better than THAT in my life, Austin, for the next 11 years. Thank you for your consideration.

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