Deadly American Summer

Cara gonna read this front page and America gonna get a Texas blow by blow street fight approach with my reactions this motherfucking week. Game on America.

Key & Peele Text Messaging

I want the young people from millennials on down to sit up in your seat, grab the New York Times, and focus this week.

Beto O’Rourke True Texan he is is getting gun sellers to listen about semi-automatic guns in homes. Where there’s a Texan there’s a Voice. Ha!

Key & Peele Substitute Teacher 👩‍🏫

Yeah I’m dat Substitute Teacher. I done got Essie Gracie up in her nightie broad daylight gettin’ that trash out to the road she excused herself to take only to the garage yesterday. Now I’m off to get a truck. We got inheritance items to remove and a bike to move upstairs so Coffeys can get those aerobics going. We all so busy.

Yeah that’s a common excuse.

Let’s have a good week okay? Fuck this reality. Make a new one and destroy those semi-automatics in your house. Come on. Make sense already America!

***…***…***… Part 2

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