I’m Not The Liar 2

@PaulTrump, 1

Day One

#blockparty and what I told Him on Twitter was this list’s lying mystery still controlling Me. I heard Him better by this afternoon, I don’t lie in any room of hell, and I Am #AATara as much as I am Cara Ann Coffey. That twinkling of His Eye has not happened yet–you don’t believe Me but you simply kept trying to be better than I Am and you probably are–and He has no intention of making public what is Our business. You don’t even know Who “He” is. (smile)

Redaction is a thing. I’m using it today, lemme say. #AALeviathan

When I use Leviathan it is neither male or female. You know, an Angel is talking at ya and we be Elect too. It’s fine you don’t understand. I never did.



My first Horse was they who are not Him. The rest of them in that lovely book are Him and Her, Me and He, and that is that. amen.

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