Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

I know this young man’s name, I know where he lives–as it has appeared or is appearing on Twitter–and I know how much he has helped Me as ARCAngel Tara.

That being said, Mr. Dex is an Atheist. That does not belong in Austin, Texas, at some levels. He needs to convert to being the Spiritualist (a Pagan) that he truly is. That isn’t an opinion. He is an Immortal in the bounds of Texas and the United States. Let’s just say the real ones in my town are higher powered and not necessarily from the United States at the root in this season of time called 1966 to this present day. Mirrors

I am going to block him but I don’t think others should that are equally following Me.

He can come talk to Me in Austin if he’d like. I Am busy but always have time for many people sent My Way. He is one of them.

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