@PaulTrump, 1

He is @paultrump2020 on Instagram–or it is a group of them. This one above on Twitter is low profile.


The most recent suspension of @SonOfGodAndMan and later, @SonOfDadAndMom, is attributed to “them” reporting Him for soliciting prostitution.

I took that down on @sonofgodandman_ Instagram. Told those idiots He is My Family and I would write them up.

I can hear the arguments. How can this be an Immortal if He was soliciting prostitution? Which that’s funny because I’ve watched @SonOfDadAndMom for over a year to know when to push forward about true sin vs. a smokescreen. Yes and I used #LegalizeProstitution in that situation.

It isn’t sin to enjoy sex with a consenting adult however you want to do that.

Adult really should be above age 21.

It is sin to BE Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump. They believe the bodies of teenagers should be used to pleasure men.

Burn in Hell forever for all I care, after you die. Stop treating This Man, My Family Member, like this.

If anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, not only is Tara Jesus Christ Female here, I Am ARCAngel Lucifer since after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Don’t believe Me? Like I said. You can burn in everlasting fire for all I care hereafter. Lucifer is Male. I’m married to Angels, remember?

So now you know.

You say oh it’s no big deal. She’s just talking alleGORY.

Probably better ask Me about that. Yup. #AATara #AALucifer

My Horses are powerful. Let Me release THAT allegory from Uncovered No More 3. This first One is the One and Only @SonOfGodAndMan. 💚🖤💙🔥💙🖤💚

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