I do not care what you think you are; this shit show definitely went too far. And when Cara must keep blowing up lies; She decides the Holy Spirit must have spaces of flies….fly away to the Paradise and take those supposed to go. Otherwise, you all keep crapping within the River’s Flow.

@Mason16245811 @Timmy1901742 @worldxplorer1 @AllRiseAmerica @SpaceTiger1980 @walterowensgrpa @grateful1gabrie @truthhurtsDuh01 @JimiLightspeed @shopkins776 @SebGorka @_SmartyPanties_  @rickygervais @JennMGreenberg @TomFitton @SarahHuckabee

I didn’t block everyone following this account because this is a mixed up situation on Twitter. This one has ties to Angel Gabriel. There are likely QAnon ties. I have QAnon ties in my ministerial midst, but I am unsure how much they followed the principles of that conspiracy theory group.

I am hit time and again with private issues. Twitter is finding out I am no different publicly than I am privately. I am who I am. You will never get me to accept how you chose to define me, America, from September of 2008 until this shit show dies out. After Epstein “committed suicide” let’s just admit it: the shit show is dying out.


These I don’t block because I need to keep an eye on them: @AnnCoulter @verified @EricTrump @DonaldTrumpJr @jack

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