What Lies Beneath by Breaking Benjamin

You have a sick, twisted smile, mortal flesh who never gives into the power of unification. You think sin is something you define when GOD ALONE knows the heart of you, of them all.

I tried to ignore this particular address. Her husband has left her and she rants about non-issues thereby hurting very real people on Twitter. She lives in Austin, Texas.

I’m having to cut off all branches of trees that used My Ministry. This is only one part. Here is another one: August 20, 2019, and ARCAngel Lucifer controlled My Mind to date the article on Three Rivers ten days later than the actual date, August 10, 2019, for a purpose of Mercy, of Love, of Power–that is Humble.

Does any mortal flesh not like it that I admit He controlled My Mind? His is controlled by Mine. It’s a Dual Purpose Sword Necessity, Our understanding of One Another. Get over yourself if you don’t realize you are controlled, America. Use your free will unlike this lady on Twitter to be of the correct Army in both Armageddon and the Apocalypse.

@atrainmagic317 is using power of the trains in My Neighborhood for Twitter Presence; @enterpryzes is military; @lill_strand; @AmazingGrace_JC; @ImpeachDJTrump; @ToddTrotter3; @DisruptivePreach; @Ranal55; @KNGMusic; @pudicatll; @RealisticPoetry; @Michael67494581; @Numerology2019


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