Ancient Author Me 3

Sisters Prevail With Him 2

I Am going to leave my family out of this reply. Almost 12 years and this piece of information embedded in Cara Beaty came out. It’s 7,000 years old, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. #ConversationsWithCara

To Curtis:

I Am a Death Deity and Fire Angel a little more powerful than Angel Gabriel (read the Book of Enoch) and that is according to 2 John.


Now back to earth.

What I just stated is on my blogs and has been for since the double moons prayer initiative. Job 42 and Psalms 74. If you’d like to see the originals I have them. I’m an Ancient Author Curtis. It’s all glory to GOD.

You didn’t know that September 24, 2008 and neither did I. It is obvious now amen.

You wouldn’t have been able to say what you did or me and Edith survive the last 12 years otherwise. It’s that simple. I’m glad our family’s suffering is coming to a close so beautifully.


Curtis said I was going to write a book and it would be called Uncovered No More.

Don’t anyone move past this point. I can trace the betrayal through a man who masqueraded as an immortal on Twitter. And some of my family may have been caught in that web of deceit.

I will out-testify you again and again. It is for Her and Her Child Above. 🔥🌟

*silence in the courts*

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