The feature image was taken at Whole Foods where I Am finalizing this Article before I quickly color more Mane of…😂 No no America. I know Who We Are One. You don’t. Oh Well; what a deep thought. Have a nice sleep Living Love. Ms. Coffey went above again. That was last Friday just like Mary Virginia Klonek-Beaty breathed her last Good Friday 2019. When My Father died hours B4 February 4, 2016, He took My Marriage Vow of Earth up. Here is a text message I sent to Eara, Richard, Patrick, and Curtis a few minutes ago. *blink blink*

This is for the whole Coffey fam. We are strong. We are ready. We may not always agree point to point. But we are going to see change in this nation we today do not see possible. I don’t know what it’s going to look like the next 7 years, but I’m gonna keep my head down working, learning, changing when I need to, and enjoying us as a family the whole time.

He sent Me an InterActive List as I left Austin Cathedral. I was and am playing this song on repeat before I go do some yard work:

Are You Ready by Disturbed.

Flores Mexican Restaurant before the 11:30 PMC shooting in Ohio late last night. Please note the Texas Shooting was accomplished by a white male named Patrick. My son born on my birthday and my brother carry that name, and in this article you will see Lucifer, Tara, and Jesus Christ with righteous people in America wage war upon the old thought processes from the past of not just American History. Oh no, it goes farther back than that. I’d say about 6,000 years if you desire the honest, Angelic, truth.

There are Four known Immortals in this Tweet Perfect Storm. Our Voice, with other immortals and mortals, is very clear.

You have #TribeJudah three Jesus Christ figures, and I’m the Female as #AATara. Lucifer is Lucifer of a Highest Order in #TribeJudah by My Decree as Tea Tephi Who is an Entity Expressing Herself on Twitter so help yourself, America. You can find Me free of charge. I understand 666. Do you? I doubt that, Idiots. (Revelation 13)

I have people on my property who hate on @AOC. Fuck you and shut up. I have people actively texting Me that Lucifer is not real. Fuck you and shut up.

Stop reading this website if you don’t like how honest I get in perspective whomever you are. I’m not going to give one inch on perspective anymore. #CaraAnnCoffey #AATara

Here is my testimony today as it concerns Periscope.

#GunControlNow and passive aggression in #ATX 8/4/2019

Today I Was Seen on Video worshipping with both fists raised. While Christians were being passive in worship, I allegorically called up the Warriors to Border Patrol the UNIverse. I witnessed 11:11 AMC at Austin Cathedral and kept worshipping with My People at churches but that are not all my People so get off being so arrogant American Christianity. #AATara

Now I’m going to go do a couple of errands and yard work. There is peace being restored at 78736, and You can guarantee one thing, America: it is the work of ARCAngel Tara and Associates Female and the work of ARCAngel Lucifer and Associates Male doing this Universal Work. This is according to 1-3 John in the Bible. Amen.

I’m at Monkey’s Nest Organic Coffee~Deli.

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