Shut up whomever you are. Ending the FED is crazy Bazaar. You are an idiot it is plain to see. Get out of land and out of sea. Thank you in advance of your death. We don’t like you and We are LEFT. #RESIST #VoteBlue #SandersWarren2020

@PatriotsOfMARS (likes to try the DM route of entry–how did the rest of you like that fuck I gave you without tit or vayjay pics?) @shaunattwood @RyanAFournier @claytonTV (using the middle name of #AAMichael #PatrickClaytonBeaty to score brownie points with #AALucifer) @BlackWidow1928 (using my oldest child’s age of 28 to appear immortal like I Am not doing in 6693 AD; #SandersWarren2020; #WarrenSanders2020; and Everything in Between 1

TO BE CLEAR: when I write in the future, it isn’t. It is present tense whether you believe me or not and I don’t know of any other authors who can admit this. Die your way and I will certainly live the truthfull Way of Me.


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