Sisters Prevail With Him 2

6693 AD; #SandersWarren2020; #WarrenSanders2020; and Everything in Between 1

Tier One

She looked at Him. There was something familiar here, yet, She recognized not the time or place and so she lived her life as best as she could and died knowing they would discount Her, forget Her, just like when She was Hagar; was Rizpah; was Mary Magdalene even.

They would forget her and why? Why indeed. It is because the Lie turned to Truth and there were none of the swollen rich to desire enough of enough to give everything and everyone away to love Him Alone. That was what it was going to take because Lies are lies and mortals are crafty. 

This thyme She waited, waited until the absolute waste of her soul kept happening enough that she realized at age ten there was no use in feeling sorry for herself; it wouldn’t have done any good. They love the Liar God required because…..mortal flesh loves hellish existence and tortured turtledoves. God tried with the flood. They NEVER LISTEN.

Tier Two

ARCAngel Michael gave up his life twice for it was in the Blood of Beaty and Wilkerson #TribeJudah. Dead prophet here, plague-bitten turtledove and prophet there. It was all a crying, a shame, and She Saw Him standing strong and straight because…… Age 14 He set the Record Straight from thousands of years ago,  and He knew She would come back to Him despite the fact of what He also knew: He would desire death upon Himself but She wouldn’t let Him because then next time they still wouldn’t hear Him; She knew what She knew and that is absolutely True. For the Love of I AM They both would DO because Deity is a bit more FULLEST than mortal and immortal flesh really Knew.

Tier Three, #VowCove Free

That was when four men up and went to Kingsland and threw a covenant. Tara remembers. She smiles. They betrayed her but not the covenant so that He could come back and sting them with the curse of work until they gave up the Ghost of Past Cara’s dirt. This was 20 years or more ago; She was still having children in the frozen hell of snow.

Tier Four

Everyone clapped and sang as long as Jesus Christ led Her game but they all insisted the doctrines were better than trusting Eve’s Lilith in the meantime. He raged; She quietly was mocked, controlled, and jaded because They decided together to turn Her into Revelation 17 to make it more bearable; however, He protected the TurtleDove Song She of ages past along the pier of Ocean Rest truly Is because He knows Her better there while She is the only knowing of Him here.

So they wanted to vote Sanders 2016 as a family and the birthday was Who suggested it; we all were like this: yes, this could be good for America. But Clinton and Trump and Russia too; stabbed the back–stabbed the back of the American Jew. And in the meantime Tara kept the song of the Ancient within her Sight though they thought not it would last past the glory of Her Blood Moon Night.

Would You go ahead and slap Me? (smile). Think about this, and NO; absolutely not. What is it going to do for You to be seen slapped by a White Woman in this day and age? She knows the hate of White, True Men of leadership, including Him, in the Western World at the same time that She knows the complete and holistic wickedness of some white men in the Western World. 

So He gets to be King. She never, EVER, wanted this Hate of white men to be so distinctly present. She did not decree this at Creation’s Reincarnation, Evolution, and Truth. Male and Female made GOD THEM in balance. Both are LEADERS in I AM. We Are Who We Are together. It is that simple so while part one is true, it is only true because He needed to lead the opinion clearly of #TribeJudah Few in 2020 in the United States of America.

#WarrenSanders2020 #SandersWarren2020 and honestly I feel as an American that Bernie Sanders should be given the presidency and I ask Him humbly to appoint Elizabeth Warren as the Vice President. There is determination, comradeship, and balance with these two despite any faults they may have across the years. They are stalwart and loving people with their families. No smear campaigns of lies can come against the very real power this pair has exhibited from 2016-2020.

I have never seen anyone be as humble as Bernie Sanders in 2016 when he turned the Democratic Nomination over to Hillary Clinton. He also defended Elizabeth Warren when the idiots threw her off the floor and it was wrong. IT WAS NOT AS WRONG AS WHAT IS DAILY HAPPENING TO FOUR CONGRESSWOMEN WHOM I PRAY FOR CONTINUALLY:

House of Representatives Members Ocasio-Cortez; Omar; Pressley; and Tlaib are “The Squad” and please understand the position of #AATara forever: #FourQuadSquad and that is two swords so it is eight blades. Does anyone have any questions? They are sheathed when……………………………………you figure it out mortal and immortal world of the realms.

You haven’t seen anything yet, America. We are accustomed to our power. You die in our Presence you brought it on yourself. That much I know.

Feed the Machine by Nickelback 


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