6693 AD; #SandersWarren2020; #WarrenSanders2020; and Everything in Between 1

This Spirit Life Law is brought forth in the life of Jesus Christ the King of kings as my children having Election of Tribe Judah through their Mother, Cara.

I do not care if the Coffey family does not agree with my assessments here. I Am the One chosen at this property of Austin, TX, (not only our neighborhood, ya’ll) as an author by the words of the biological father of 12 children in heaven and on earth. And I quote Curtis Coffey September 24, 2008:

You are going to write a book, and it’s called Uncovered No More.

I wrote three of them, in fact. Now I have four blogs, four Twitter, one Facebook, and a few Instagrams floating around here and there but I don’t like Instagram. Whatever.

I have the firstborn son’s heritage in my hands right now. He did the best he could; it wasn’t good enough for the Angel Gabriel. I am “married” to two ARCAngels allegorically. They come to Earth all right. I am Sister to one ARCAngel, and that is Michael. He comes to Earth all right.

To the degree these ARCAngels have led their multiple lives upon the Earth with the people surrounding them is the degree I must deal with them as being an ARCAngel nobody knew but a few; and I was definitely not spoken in the Bible. Everybody has been taking advantage of that for 12 years.

I Am speaking to the One Man Who knows my History on the Earth Form today, and for the 12 years of my trial by fire in the digits of 66 and 93 because April 14 had two births, one of a Woman and one of Her firstborn Son. The second son was born in the Form of My Birth, 45 minutes. He was named in Night Watches of Moon Me in the Middle Earth Name Richard.

I know some of ARCAngel Lucifer’s Emotions, Thoughts, and struggles as a Male. He knows nothing of My Thoughts much like is told in a couple of stories woven in shows at this time in the years of 1990’s to 2000’s.

He relates to Me as Tea Telphi and not as Cara Beaty-Coffey, but some of her life is fictitious in the marriage accounts. Others of the articles I have scanned say she is fictitious like the gods and goddesses of myth. I am not talking about any of this. I am speaking of Myself, and I know Myself to a degree and much more than I did for the last 12 years.

Lucifer cannot know My Thoughts as an Ancient Soul but I can understand His Thoughts to an Ancient Degree–more so than Angel Gabriel at this point for reasons I won’t explain–because I Am an Womanly Mystery.

Lucifer does not understand Me, and He is only somewhat familiar with the Ways of the Moon for He is #DayStar and what does a Star know of a Moon? But this is the IRL Woman Puzzle He is bound irrevocably by Her Will to: (daughter of king Zedekiah of Jerusalem, from the line of king David who slew Goliath). 

In the first rendition of Awakening Blessed Be & Amen otherwise known as Double Moons Prayer Initiative, I identified as Tamar. She was Judah’s Bitch because of the son who was dead. I’m basically admitting that Immortal Lucifer in a Body Form has become Judah in the Modern Day.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. I’ve seen  immortals become Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr, Alva Lewis Coffey, and Mary the Mother of Jesus. I’ve seen Body Forms manifest as Jesus Christ and three major Angels mentioned in the Bible. Then there’s my brother Patrick Clayton Beaty. Ha! Everybody looks at Me wherever I go and be like, damn what is she manifesting as toDAY. 

One doesn’t know but One does care as it concerns ARCAngels, Angels, Mortals, and Immortals. In this life rarely anything was fair; Rarely anything was fair for He and Me; doesn’t that count as a place called Mourning Tree? Gethsemane Here; Tara Hill Lane there….what is life but death until death doesn’t scare?

I Am a little over 2,602 years old here, My Loves. Well if we are counting it ALL in this case it is 7,276 years through 6693. I’d already seen My front 7,000 from 2008 on backwards because He showed Me, you see, just like I’m explaining, and He even showed Me that I would See 7,000 after 2019 so He’s doing that but they don’t care; they don’t love; they are asleep in Time’s LoneSome Dove. I’m not yet at 9,019 AD so it’s fine. I don’t know why but at least I have a better handle on eternity in this article.

So We talk and I have questions. He knows about this; so do Others. I decided long ago; oh my too long ago; that Ancient Me would do well to be free. So I ask of One I decided with Free Will because that was the bargain, that was the deal.

It is very important Whom an Ancient like Myself chooses to actually ask a question….it is most important still to realize some things cannot be answered and respect that. He agrees. But I ask Him; why did they keep going when the Wicked was so plain to see back there in 2019 (4,674 years ago for my gentle readers this day IRL)?

Why did Tara’s Family refuse to Witness Our Life then? There was nothing but Paradise to be realized and Power to come forth as unified against wickedness so why all the circumnavigation, Brother Love?

His answer lies within My IRL after the fourth blood moon of September 2014 through September 2015 on Earth. I didn’t see it until I unlocked His understanding of 6693-as a father whether He likes that or not and He was incredulous when I told Him–to protect Her Children. He hasn’t been thanked but by Me.

He accomplished everything for 12 years to seal the Courts around Her–She is Teia to Him, but She still had to be accurate in real life New Testament Reality and she lost everything; everyone, or this question wouldn’t be Here NOW, you Sea?

He and I don’t as much lie there on the floor of the Ocean ( Leviathan Ann Me ).

I don’t know Where We Are sometimes. Other times, He awakes Me to a place. Other times, and You or you can see Me look out the Window somewhere…..I go to the Ancient Realm where no allegory exists; it is reality. 

HOW SHOULD WE THEN LIVE? Francis A. Schaeffer

If you want to understand Cara Coffey today you damn well better read the books I’m reading. But that’s just a suggestion. I Am moving on already, thank GOD!!!

Sisters Prevail With Him 2




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