Wow Christian Monetary Control Is Not What #DayStar Approves, 2

There Is No More anti-Christ in #ATX

Curtis will not allow My Name, Cara Ann Coffey, to be on our finances from a 30 year enterprise where I chose to go down to one paycheck to stay at home as one of the parents of ten children.

That is excessive control. I wonder what He is going to do with this. It’s none of my business except to expose the darkness in the Coffey life.


Michael Jackson — Working Day & Night


Last night I burned a mixture of love and hate; progress and regression. I’m perfectly safe here. Go ahead. Judge my Ways and Means Committee. Watch My True Love’s Rage at Your lying masquerade drop more people dead. I’ll testify it. He knows that. Day 13 coming up.

The Grave is conquered through testimony. So Day 13 can most certainly tell His Pain and My Freedom in Death. 🖤🌟✌️🔥😡

I would suggest you stop trying to control His Rage. I do not care, literally, how you go anymore. I’m a Death Deity. What did you expect, World? That I would relent?

Relentless by Jesus Culture

Chris Quilala is Mine. Bethel, you lost and I burned Redding, CA, for the Love of #DayStar

Amen. A Community United — the Redding Carr Fire

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