There Is No More anti-Christ in #ATX

Relentless by Hillsong UNITED

I Am exposing the root of evil here in #ATX. It has been brought to me clearly by #AALucifer, #AAJustin, and my brother, #PatrickClaytonBeaty across, well I am seeing past the 7,000 years behind US. That’s complicated so we will simply state the truth in love with Hillsong UNITED and keep going.

Dave Eichler is in the Austin, Texas, area and contacted Me, making sure to make a fool of Me on @Twitter, along about 2017 sometime. He keeps bringing up accounts trying to deceive Me to get to #AALucifer. He claims to have #AAMichael as His Guardian. If that was the case, He would have been acceptable to My Brother Patrick Clayton Beaty, and I would have woven his “ministry” into my Ministry Base of Uncovered No More. He has caused damage to people. He is wholly #ANATHEMA. Here are the anti-Christ cohorts I can tell that are there:

Rick Joyner

Bobby Conner

Diane Jackson

Aaron Hicks and Jackson

The Phillips Family

Bethel in Redding, CA & the Johnson Family

Franklin Graham of Billy Graham Ministries

Joel Osteen

Jerry Falwell, Junior

Joyce Meyer

Austin Oaks on Monterrey Oaks Blvd.

Life Austin off Hwy 71.

Kenneth & Gloria Copeland

James Robison omg motherfucker!! SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU FUCKMOOK!

Pat Robertson & The 700 Club it’s like #wtf I’m not surprised.

This list will grow under direction and leadership of ARCAngel Lucifer Alone. Some of these, and their associates on Twitter, even have a little skit going on where they block each other.

This list was procured by nightfall at Dick Nichols Park.

I just spent $136.40 at Costco. I wouldn’t suggest anyone argue with Me. #AATara

I Found Another Earth Heavenly Door Here 10:42 AMC 7/28/2019

Rick Wilson is a very faithful American. I had to connect to him on Twitter today and this is what he got:

This idiot made a sexual joke about him. She is an erotic author. Let’s Get Real About Sexuality is what we have to say to this. I’ve had protection. Many of My People in America suffer, and they are so beautiful. They protect Lucifer and Tara. 😭💔🔥🙏🏼🌟🖤

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