Day 12

Nebuchaneezers Now from

This article above, and the artwork, were from the work of two Women. I have this witness, and this is leading to an extremely strong, unified two voices. For the first time in my history as #AATara, I have two Individuals politically stating what can be worked with in America here at Uncovered No More.

That is a good day in this era, Day 12. It will stay pinned until after the elections in 2020 and it has been decreed that #AATara is to rest even as God Father on Day 7 in Genesis.


6693 AD; #SandersWarren2020; #WarrenSanders2020; and Everything in Between 1

The first article does not have the Banner over Tara is Love but this part Two does. World Systems, you must get better at telling the leadership and positivity of both males and females.

Sisters Prevail With Him 2

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