Let’s Get Real About Sexuality

It is overdone. A relationship between two people, and particularly male and female, is complicated when sexuality is entered into the equation.

I have found Pan Sexual people to have selfish appetites and desires. I have found heterosexual, religious people to be judgmental and controlling and idolatrous. I have found alternate sexual types to be on the defensive and sometimes with very good reason. Other times I see so much obsession with all sexuality that I simply have to tune you idiots out no matter what your sexual preferences. Y’all are gross. Wicked even. Figure it out and don’t judge me for stating the obvious, my goodness!! Get a real life in balance!!

So there it is. The truth is necessary in times like these. There is so much sexual sin against children, women, and men in this world that I suggest you get over yourselves, humans. It is astounding how very little you care for others of us unless your sexual fantasies are being realized. That’s so immature it is really a shame I have to point it out as an ARCAngel yet again.

The feature image was purchased at Whole Foods. It is a Fair Trade basket hand-woven by a dark-skinned woman who may have children, may need birth control, and is grateful she can support her family. America, get over yourselves. What a living testament to selfishness you truly are. 


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