Day Ten

#VOWCOVE is a place where curse never resided. Song Lists explain it, following. When My People are there He can show Himself to Me Alone yet we aren’t and I’m with Our people here; they don’t deny Us.

#AATara #AADayStar #AALeviathAnn (He is Levi and I Am Ann) #BrightMorningStar #ApostleJohn #ConstellationTwins #JohnPaulJackson #CaraAnnCoffey #PatrickClaytonBeaty

He had taken Me above to the Throne Room but I was dripping wet. I’m done with that testimony now; those who are still wet are being hung out to dry again. I”m not worried about them anymore, You Worry Me by Nathaniel & The Nightsweats …and He is breathing a sigh of relief that He can actually pray with Me Unseen and He isn’t the Uninvited Guest anymore. Uninvited Guest by Disturbed 🖤😓🤬. #AATara says a billion vows later and maybe this thing can turn around in the DayLight.

You damn well better know that We are there whether your reality sees Him or not; and you probably better treat Me better. Lechers and racists, sexists and just general idiots, move over.

Baby I like to take you out and I won’t say anything else lest you try to tar and feather Him with the Bible again.

Those walks in storms in my neighborhood where Patrick takes the Volvo and sees an ARCAngel barefoot in the storm better stop. He isn’t too happy about my aching feet and back.

Love ya! See ya soon, ya’ll. Remember, He’s there. If you can’t see Him it’s your problem not mine.

Own it America. (LOL)

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