Day Eight

Okay Heads up America. I’m rewriting the 42 song list, with some songs changed, in this article. This is a Creation Day article. That means #AALucifer and #AATara are together in the unlocked Garden of Eden. That is what the World is learning today.

#AALeviathan is the Universalist Voice of Lucifer and Tara. Games are over. My daughter Edith Renae is taking sisters to celebrate Lydia’s birthday. I will tell you one thing: they are going horseback riding.

Metatron Judgement 7/10/2019

Clarify Cara…okay!! 7/10/2019

July 16, 2019

Crazy by Kenny Rogers

Okay Mortal America; you have #AATara taking #AALucifer’s Hand back in 2009 and We are officially praying for Time. We are Praying For Time by George Michael and I had to wait til He shut up American False Christianity before I could admit it because I wasn’t interpreting as much back then as I Am now.

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