No Life; Second Death

#MAPS in #ATX 7:33 minutes long; yes.

MAPS are adults who think it is okay to sexually play with children under the age of 18 and they do not think pedophilia should be illegal.

You are dead as you walk around. You are never asleep, Ghoul. You get no defining ability as it concerns sexual morality and the Law. #AATara #SolitaryWiccan

Second John

Anywhere else #AALucifer wants to expertly quote any book at all including this one named Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey, He has and will. No that isn’t Satan before the Throne arguing with GOD. Lucifer May argue with Angelic Brothers and I’d rather He argue with Gabriel just a wee bit more–but He doesn’t argue with GOD.

That isn’t offensive. It’s honesty coming from an angelic sister.

But I’m not sure Lucifer is gonna do that quoting of Me. He knows My Swords. He understands His Power. Here is a little something they didn’t know: Cara Ann knows damn well how to get out of the way and pick them off from a distance. #Allegory.

That Man turned Me into a Tiger for a while. Thank You Lucifer. I know I colored the Tiger but did we have to go this far in Austin, Texas? And do You know how much of that blue I been seeing? 😓🤠 This is a hard article. It will stay pinned a while for obvious reasons. I have a song list. You don’t get the privilege.

July 7, 2019

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