Black Death Removal

Don’t believe Me, either way, you’re dying anyway. I’m not. If you think I like that about this vessel, you aren’t in reality. June 27, 2019

These Boots Are Made for Walking Nancy Sinatra

HEB and Cara Coffey, Alone 7/4/2019

On July 6, 2019, ArchAngel Lucifer showed up at the upper level of Whole Foods in the Hill Country Galleria in the same body form he has presented at the YMCA back in 2017. He submitted Himself to Jesus Christ whose face I did not see that time on February 3, 2017, which was one year to the day from when my father had died. I cried and ate a croissant and then walked back into the building and Jesus was there. Today, Lucifer left as I was in the bathroom. I went out onto the balcony and took a picture and reported it on Twitter.

I expect remuneration both of Curtis when he has sex with me and of ArchAngel Lucifer when he has to call me places just to get our work of the ministry done. At least when I went to Whole Foods today, I only bought some water. I will no longer publicly buy coffee for obvious reasons. Curtis is lying on his bed where his mother’s bed used to be even as I type. He is upstairs. He was not kind in our last conversation.

Now you can perhaps see why I think Curtis should pay me for sex. Elizabeth Warren wanted to get her hands on my money. That is how @Texas_Dexter, named Denis, got blocked by Me on Twitter, all four accounts and I wonder why Curtis stated, point blank, that I could just take my $75,000 and go spend it to get my break from this property. Then I could come back penniless. He wasn’t joking.

I do not like how I have to testify. So I suggest Curtis change his conversations around me if he doesn’t want it to continue. If Patrick Stephen Coffey and Curtis Edward Coffey want my testimony on this website to get nicer, they have some work to do forevermore. Get to it Boyz. Ya’ll are wasting my time with all your shit. That is true since 2014 when Patrick Stephen Coffey of his own testimony to me told me he had a dream where his dad was divorced from me and wandering around in the street.

See, Curtis is completely blameless and I told him I would testify this. It is all my fault here at 78736. Don’t expect me to behave any way different than all the interpretations at this zip code henceforth. You got what you paid for and continue to take care of. Thank you for your kindness Patrick. You won’t throw me off the property since mom lied about me and disinherited me. Curtis told Jerry and Laura last night that my mother evidently was not agreeing with my religion and that is why she disinherited me. I didn’t know that so I don’t know if Mom told Curtis that or if he surmised it. Email him.

Here’s all the fun, Bitch 7/6/2019

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