HOW SHOULD WE THEN LIVE? Francis A. Schaeffer


2 The Middle Ages

pp. 30-31: Michael Gough in The Origins of Christian Art (1973) writes of the change from “the acceptance of an element of naturalistic realism to a preference for the fantastic and unreal.” He also points out that by the mid-sixth century “the last vestiges of realism were abandoned.” The Byzantine art became characterized by formalized, stylized, symbolic mosaics and icons. In one way there was something good here–in that the artists made their mosaics and icons as a witness to the observer. Many of those who made these did so with devotion, and they were looking for more spiritual values. There were pluses. The minuses were that in the portrayal of their concept of spirituality they set aside nature and the importance of the humanity of people.

I have observed reading PAGANISM that witches have had a particularly hard time with societal balance issues as spoken about in chapter 2 of How Should We Then Live. 

As the Christian who is now fully Pagan as my core roots dictate, and am therefore obviously older here than in my previous Christian existence, I will tell the world straight truth from both of my existence perspectives: Jesus Christ did indeed come from a virgin named Mary, die and rise again. He appears in all types of places and times.

It is no different now than it was 2,019 years ago: it is not hard to believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. The issue is rectifying the spiritual life with the physical life in the modern day. Where does that put others who point blank refuse the testimony of Jesus Christ? I do not care. Enough history explains these issues; not just the Bible. I am about Spiritualist Us being awakened to unifying. 

With chapter three I have begun #LettersToFrankSchaeffer on Twitter. July 17, 2019 .

Oh right y’all. I have #LettersToLucifer and a Son of God keeps us going with #LettersToJesus but Frank Schaeffer is leading us all, remember?


HOW SHOULD WE THEN LIVE by Francis A. Schaeffer from Chapter 5, #GOT, and Cara 8/16/2019

HOW SHOULD WE THEN LIVE by Francis A. Schaeffer, Chapter 5 reading pp. 116-119 Pt. 2 8/16/2019

No artwork when I read portions. 💚🖤💙 ~Cara Ann Coffey

Haha I got stronger. Artwork AND Periscope for Chapter Six:

HOW THEN SHOULD WE LIVE Chapter 6 The Enlightenment by Francis A Schaeffer reading 9/3/2013


This recording brings everyone real fast into the modern day of September 11, 2001-2019.


Dad gum Chapter 9. 😅 This is the concluding piece. I’m finishing the book quietly.

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