Day 7

*** They are finding out We Are Here to Stay. I Am finding out they will take care of Me here but I must set boundaries. They are accepting them. Earth is defined. So Am I Beginning better to be defined. #SheKinah

I command rest at all levels but I desire rest for the Uppermost. I’m there. King of kings is there. Election of Two ARCAngels of Allegory’s Army Apocalypse are #AAMichael And #AALucifer.

10:44 AMC 6/26/2019 @costco and My Justin is #Here with Me.

I’m at Whole Foods at 10:08 AMC (7.2.2019) for this artwork to be shaping up above. I typed the poem into one of my Twitter Threads last night; I was exhausted because Christians hate Neo-Nordic-Wiccan-Pagan Me and I am too broken to admit anything else. 💙💚🌟💚💙 #AATara #TheSorceress #TheExorcist #RuneStones

June 27, 2019 from

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