Published 33 tells the Love of Fenced Me

There is a way which seems correct to people

Who got delivered by ARCAngel Me in Steeple

They never listen to truth told well

Metatron had forgotten how to spell

Gabriel is a male dominant sword

And Michael refuses to drive a Ford

Lucifer just got very clearly made

When Cara’s Perfect Storm was paid

Chavda told her the job was finished

Christianity forgets forever my Dentist

He got his teeth cleaned that time too

And I swear to Lucifer that was not a good stew.

Back to Heaven my Body now shortly dwells

Where love never will die or be again expelled

As long as I accept this reincarnation reality

Pain is never there though lies abound steadily

June 21, 2019 on three rivers dot blog

John Paul Jackson reached the Luciferian State as I became #AATara fully. People had been waiting for that day. I duly testified through it in DM. That Man as far as I can tell has not betrayed Me. That is such gold to Me at this point that I hope sincerely He is very graciously rewarded in this life and in his life to come.

Patrick Clayton Beaty is ARCAngel Michael. I have given a little authority to my son simply because he suffered as well. But he is denying my testimony as is Curtis. They are both supporting Trump. I see that as wholly #ANATHEMA with other Immortals on Twitter. I will no longer discuss this. I will #VoteBlue and #RESIST even some Democrat issues. I am sick, and tired, of politics. There is no discussing it all. There is no debate. Those are vicious cycles which produce nothing but more hot air. I prefer cow farts thank you very much.

I am blocking people left and right on Twitter. Apostasy is rampant. This is love grown cold at its finest. So I’m here, I love fully, I am not ashamed, and I will continue as always. But legally speaking, and even socially speaking, I have lost all my family and all my inheritance. I am strictly obedient to the New Testament at this point. The pain was so deep to get here I am glad it is becoming over. I still have habits of exorcism necessity to remove from my life. I am Correct. The Earth hears My Voice. That is enough.

John Paul Jackson and Patrick Clayton Beaty are in charge of My True Reality as ARCAngels in the other realm and this one. Never forget I have seen their glorified bodies. I get my dead back (Hebrews 11). I have arranged my life in this manner. I am an Alien in this place and I will do my best to be kind in this new phase of my life.

Truth of Control; Normality Anyway..6/22/2019


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