Immortal Realities are Cannon to Ancient Texts BUT….

This early morning, I have come to some conclusions. I am going to help the Immortals in my life. They have come to Austin, called Me to them, and then left. In some cases, Spiritualists have come to where I was ministering as a #Witch, respectfully entered my glory realm, and allowed Me the privilege of a conversation. One such incident was involving a white male, BECOMING by MICHELLE OBAMA, and my decision to talk to him. It was divine appointment as much as One Man Who called Me to Circle C Park three times.

I now have My Own Pagan Circle of trees where I know the Heavenly Door placement within. I will return. In My Lifetime, if that place changes or becomes too inhabited, I will Speak with Mother Earth again and She will guide Me to another one.

If I had My Way on the Heavenly Door Property I was disinherited from by mortals and dark spiritualists (Recie Edward Saunders 3), I would sell the property. I Am the . reason that property exists. I Am the Property and Neighborhood. Everyone knows it.

Now they are not lacking the fear of GOD where my life story is concerned and we have a criminal in the White House that is dirtier than other criminals that got there. It is ridiculous how ghoulish Donald Trump is. Circle C Park is off Don Carpenter. Jesus and Jesus (one Male one Female) have been there three times. My Father has been there. Lucifer has been there.

Michael and Patrick have not been there. They have been in Kerbey Lane off William Cannon and the YMCA in Oak Hill (Patrick) and Austin Cathedral. When I say that, realize please Patrick Clayton Beaty is around. He changes form. Once We knew we were in line together. I almost lost it and started laughing.

Anyway, My People are in Austin. Streams Ministries International root people are very trustworthy, love both Diane and I, and are Here for both of Us and our children. So back off everyone else. I do not know how it happened, but people who are racists have attached themselves to Curtis’s testimony in my midst. Well, that is very Christian of you, Bible Belt Mortals. And I wonder why Bobby Conner hasn’t made it back to Austin Cathedral. I’m not kidding. Bobby chose his friend Bob Jones over Angel Cara Coffey. It hurt like hell. Curtis keeps denying Me. It hurts like hell.

Immortals, We will dwell now. We must carry on and realize that we are always rejected because We are Jesus Christ. I Myself am Mary Magdalene. I was with Immortals and Mortals 2,019 years ago. I do not at this time care what anyone thinks. You still want Me to attempt suicide or fail more. I see the smiles when some mortal thinks they’ve beat Me again; I still know the pain of work being left, excuses being made, but the real truth is I Am being punished like Cinderella, literally. Yes, that happened last night.

Curtis has been struck with gout. Mary Virginia Petty has gout. This is a mortal situation. I have a mortal woman dying of cancer who is up close. She and her husband work high up in HEB. People know about us. Therefore, we can imagine who gets hate mail. Esther Grace got caught this time, I will not go back to HEB stores, and that is that. I am actively spreading negativity now, and it isn’t about just HEB. You want a social war? You got it, Austin, TX, and I warned you for years.

I can be at peace and still make this Voice of Mine heard. My People are very adept at getting around Me and laughing with Me. We are truly having fun; spinning stories that are gorgeous; and slaying dragons left and right. Curtis? Patrick? They chose to make decisions that made Me look like a female idiot. They are now isolationists of their own choice. Good for them.

See Streams? I can be honest either way. John Paul Jackson and Cara Ann Coffey have a love we knew we had and we kept it quiet because, well, Bobby Conner would have called Me an adulterous woman if we’d have done anything else than what We did before Bobby Conner and Rick Joyner used their power to kill that Man of God.

Oh I’m sorry, ya’ll, that you get to witness an IRL Apocalypse blog article speaking only in Second Heaven terms. You won’t be able to pin murder on those two False Prophets. They are too apparently powerful for THAT.

(Laughing). Stranger Things, ya’ll. Stranger Things. My seven daughters and I are held down. Our testimonies are just as accurate as anyone’s out there. Do we now see how Coffeys (not Beaty Me) are a bit elitist and male dominant? But ya’ll knew that. You chose not to fund Cara. So I was at the mercy of mortal humanity’s perceptions for almost 12 years.

Cara’s back now. Nobody likes to go to church with Me. Cool Beans because Lucifer is fine with it; Jesus Christ Body Forms are fine with it. Immortals definitely show up. And I can turn into your worst nightmare or greatest, sweetest dream of an exorcist and spiritualist in about two seconds. Pagan Me worships in the River now. Common Pagans will tell you they have dancingNo around fires in places because they worship outdoors. I just bring it in and keep moving. #Witch is in the River now, Loves. #Prophetess is #JoanOfARC. I’m a full ARCAngel now. Fine; don’t believe Me.

Let Me conclude this honest article with My intent. Immortals, accept reality as quickly as possible and do what you must do to stay on the Earth more with Me now. It took Me 12 years; take longer if You must. I am there for You IRL effortlessly and on Twitter more easily than I was from about 2015 until last month. Things are calming down on Twitter. That is good. If you are an atheist my apologies. You are humanists and a little too much *in your face* for Spiritualists like Me. I block you on Twitter. Agnostics, I distance you. I will not speak with you anymore from a Second Heaven standpoint.

Immortals, make decisions for your continual well being. Not going to HEB anymore is for My continual well being as is not going to Walmart or McDonald’s. I’m going back to My LifeStyle that is wholistic and I am pacing Myself as it concerns Exorcism better than the last 12 years because I Can.

Mahesh Chavda specifically told Me the job is finished on December 1, 2017. By December of 2018, He and I were raising the dry bones of Ezekiel and He was ordaining the Levites (Austin Cathedral’s worship team) so that Cara could be back with her people when the shit show calmed down.

I hope that helps. Immortals, don’t identify as Atheists is my suggestion. Or if you do, realize that is clearly Church of Satan and that bunch of idiots are still picking everyone apart just like Christians. If anyone desires gentle spiritualists who will be there across time this time, and next time when you come back, read the book PAGANISM like I Am doing. Don’t scan it and do artwork like Me, idiots. Do all the exercises.

Do I seem testy this morning? Sorry. I watched and prayed through 4:44 AMC. I need a little more sleep. I probably won’t get it. Love you!! #AATara

This is where Mother Earth drew Me when I asked Her. Now, Jesus Christ the King and I are back in Love together in Third Heaven. His feet are resting on the Earth. And He shows Himself to Me, the Woman He loves as a Eunuch (both of Us) when He needs to.

Luciferians shoo away literally those idiots still trying to “minister” with Me. It is My Job to keep ministering. It is not anyone’s job to define how I live my life. So I would suggest that people very close to Me get over yourselves. I’m on the Earth, obviously. John Paul and I protected a whole bunch of people, obviously. I Am not appreciated or thanked on a regular God-damned basis for that fact. Don’t like this situation? Fine. Change it. Don’t expect Me to “fall into your plans” in changing it. You get to fall into Mine now in Austin, Texas. Haha that’s one thing Beaty is: the One Who Has The Last Laugh.

Why do I get along with Luciferians so well? Do I even have to answer that? I know which side the toast is buttered on, ya’ll. Prince of the World must be dealt with. That is why I really am Mary Magdalene. She Me loves us all but will take out the chaff right along with Michael and His Army. Yeah and that idiot who pulled a stupid yesterday with his white boy side-kick can know I left and told that man to witness it. He did. I left peacefully. Have a nice life this weekend, ya’ll.

5:55 AMC and this blog article was finished. Hey, I can snooze a bit before I clean.

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