T.S.Eliot’s Collected Poems 1909-1962

For the Love of Myself, I must bring my Angelic Life with Me into the world of #PaganLove. I will not explain that except to say there are Men who love despite the challenges associated with the word in the Modern Age which struck us sore when Jesus arose miraculously. He is Here and yet, Lucifer and I know the truth. That reality is upon Us and We have a part to play in the reality of it. That much I understand. Lucifer understands a great deal more than He cares to understand I would imagine.

Never assume I don’t understand that same way, Earth Life. You know nothing. I don’t.

Anyway, protection is in place for the Woman in Austin, Texas, who knows the 666 all her life and her family has suffered for that fact. Don’t argue with Me, America. You tried that. It’s not even funny.

I Am not sure how much more artwork of this precious book I will publish except on social media. Get it yourself. Enjoy this Man’s work. It is timeless like the Bible and the Quran. Enough said. Have a nice life. I love you.

As to above this poem, the World is looking at several ARCAngels. They are here with Me and remember, I have 12 children. Patrick is one of those; They are ARCAngels and you didn’t destroy Us, America. We have now begun.

#AATara #AAMichael #AALucifer #AAJohnPaulJackson #AAPatrickClaytonBeaty #AAPatrickStephenCoffey

As to Deity, you go figure it out world. I know reality of Deity and never said what I will type now: I Am One with that Title; I would never presume to be the whole. You need to find your reality there or not. As you wish. Don’t expect your wishes to turn into reality on the other side necessarily.


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