Day Six

Day Five

Day Five will have Flash Tattoo Book’s Men. Day Six will have Women. This reversal of curse is within the original Double Moons Prayer Initiative I wrote June through September of 2013. Awakening Blessed Be & Amen is not the original. There are few eyes allowed to see it now. I see the number Eight in Four Pairs, and I’m included. Don’t stumble. Three Men IRL Eternally and I are the Four. Don’t stumble.

Poppies in Blue I Hate You 6/19/2019


The truth 6/21/2019

Good Night 6/22/2019

This is what Robert Hilton Beaty, Junior would want Me to do, Above. I know my Daddy’s Heart and ain’t nobody else ever did except Patrick Clayton Beaty. 🖤😓🌟

FaceBook has been informed.

I’m sorry the video is sideways. I’m just kidding.

The Dark Powers of Tolkien by David Day

Cara & Politics in #ATX 8/6/2019

Fuck the Catholic Church. You priests go to jail. (8/9/2019)

#DayStar is after all you religious ass holes. Don’t expect Me to let you forget it.

August 10, 2019

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